10" x 16" Brand New Jet Horizontal Bandsaw , Mdl. J-7040-4, MFG Number JT9-414499, Swing Away Control Panel Houses Major Saw Controls, Variable Speed Drive System Allows Operator to Easily Fine Tune Blade Speed, Adjustable Blade guide with Six Contact Point System, Heavy Duty Transmission, Patented 3-Jaw Vise with Rapid Action Movable Jaw for Faster Set Up, One Piece Wheel Cover, Coolant System, Cast Iron Blade Wheels, Adjustable Material Stop, 1" Bi-Metal Blade, 2 H.P. Motor, Jet Red Assurance 2-Year Warranty, #SMJ7040-4

Stock No:
MFG Number:
10" x 16"
Serial Number:
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10 Ga. x 4\' Brand New National Hydraulic Shear, Mdl. NH5210, Electrical Hydaurlic Valve, Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve, Foot Switch, Double Acting Cylinders, Fully Enclosed Control Panel, Table Gauges, Front Arm Extrensions, #SMNH5210 10 Ga. x 4' Brand New National Hydraulic Shear, Mdl. NH5210, Electrical Hydaurlic Valve, Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valve, Foot Switch, Double Acting Cylinders, Fully Enclosed Control Panel, Table Gauges, Front Arm Extrensions,  #SMNH5210 To view new and used shears for sale please visit http://www.Sterlingmachinery.com check http://www.sterlingmachinery.com/shears.php
Torno giratorio, Mdl. ML-1840GL, 12 "- 3 mandriles, placa de la cara, sistema de refrigeraci?n, traves?a r?pida, bandeja de la viruta, luz del trabajo, micr?metro Parada de cama, Guardabarros de longitud completa, manga central, Nota: Nuevo costo de reemp Torno giratorio, Mdl. ML-1840GL, 12 "- 3 mandriles, placa de la cara, sistema de refrigeración, travesía rápida, bandeja de la viruta, luz del trabajo, micrómetro Parada de cama, Guardabarros de longitud completa, manga central, Nota: Nuevo costo de reemplazo $ 25,500.00, # A4541   To Buy or sell new or used Lathes  for sale please visit http://www.Sterlingmachinery.com   http://www.sterlingmachinery.com/lathes.php   Call Today!  626-444-0311 To Sell Your Engine Lathe, Precision Lathe, Chucker, CNC Lathe Machinery visit  http://www.sterlingmachinery.com/sell_machinery.php   Lathe, Lathes, Engine Lathe, Precision Toolroom, Sterling Machinery, Dealer, Used, New, Metal Working Machines, Machine Tools, Lathe dealers, suppliers, sell, sale, metalworking, sheet, buy, chip, new, used, Trade
Cutting Capacity
10" x 16"
90 Degree Round
45 Degree Round
90 Degree Rectangle
10" x 10" AND 7" x 16"
45 Degree Rectangle
6-1/2" x 11"
Vise Swivels
45 Degrees
Blade Speed
100 - 350 SFPM
Blade Wheel Diameter
Blade Length
Blade Size
1" x 0.035 x 135"
Variable Speed
460V ~ 3 Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H)
72-1/2" x 33" x 41"
928 lbs
Swing Away Control Panel Houses Major Saw Controls
Variable Speed Drive System Allows Operator To Easily Fine Tune Blade Speed
Adjustable Blade Guide With Six Contact Point System
Heavy Duty Transmission
Coolant System
Patented 3-Jaw Vise With Rapid Action Movable Jaw For Faster Set Up
One Piece Wheel Cover
Cast Iron Blade Wheels
Adjustable Material Stop
1" Bi-Metal Blade
2 H.P. Motor
Jet Red Assurance 2-Year Warranty

Additional Information

GOFORM Series Press Brake.

Key Benefits…

The Goform is the perfect solution for small parts, up to ¼” thick and less than 50 pounds.  This machine can be easily moved with a fork truck or overhead crane and put into production without being anchored to the floor.  The work height is adjustable so operators will be comfortable sitting or standing.  With the Goform, you can adapt to changing plant layouts and work flows.

This 40 ton press brake is ready for long hours and multi-shift operation. The heavy-duty, stress-relieved frame was designed for full tonnage with minimal deflection.  The drive system utilizes satellite roller screws that distribute load over a greater contact area than ball screws, reducing heat and wear and providing long life.

Fast Setup
The Goform can be configured to use the three major tooling styles; American, WT/New Standard and European.  Express Clamp systems from Wilson Tool provide fast setup, self-seating, and low maintenance with leak-free mechanical clamps.
The Express Die Holder uses a full-length clamp bar instead of multiple set screws allowing you to use segmented dies anywhere along the length of the bed.  European1V and 2V die holders can be used directly on the bed, without the need for a filler block.

A small machine doesn’t have to have limited stroke and open height. The GoForm is equipped with a 10” stroke and 17” open height for jobs requiring tall tools and adapters.  The backgage is a precision six axis backgage with flip up gage fingers.  A six axis backgage is the ideal solution for both basic and complex part shapes. 

High resolution incremental encoders assure exceptional ram repeatability for accurate forming of small parts.  The long ram guides and low friction slide liners produce smooth ram motion with minimal maintenance.
Wedge height adjustments in the die holder provide a simple method to maintain bed-to-ram parallelism to form consistent bend angles in long parts.

Easy To Use
Cincinnati’s PC-based control with a large touchscreen display helps the operator setup jobs quickly with consistent results.  Pre-loaded tool files simplify programming and improve first bend accuracy. A Job Setup screen displays tool names and tool locations and contains a notepad for additional instructions.   Photos, drawings and video files can be attached when visual instructions are needed.  3D views of the bend sequence reduce part handling errors. Programs can be created on the control or offline with Cincinnati’s Bend Simulation Module.

HMI Operator Control Features

Industrial PC-based

Windows Embedded operating system

21.5” flat panel color display

Touchscreen operator interface

Solid State hard drive

USB convenience outlets

Ethernet convenience outlet

Inch or Metric unit display

English / Spanish language display

Graphical Tool Library

   Pre-loaded Wilson and Wila tool files

   Automatic tool load tonnage calculation

   Tool selection

   Tool segment length auto calculation

Quick Bend mode

CAD functions

   Part Design by cross section or flat pattern

   Flat blank size calculation

   Manual Bend Sequencing

Part Orientation Guide

Setup Notes field

Print setup notes and program

Convert utility for programs

Batch program operation

Spreadsheet display and edit of program steps

Management and Diagnostic Features

   Password control-Operator, Manager, Administrator

   Machine strokes

   Parts counter

   Batch counter

   Power on time

   Total cycle time

   Main drive on time

   Parts per minute

   Cycle time per part

   Maintenance messages

   Diagnostic Display Information

   Backup and Restore Wizard

   Web enabled machine monitoring

   Email notification of machine faults

Operator adjustable ram control inputs:

   Multiple Step and Repeat

   Forming modes (Angle, DTC, Tonnage, Position, Absolute)

   Angle Correction Dialog

   Ram Opening

   Guard Mute Position

   Forming and return speeds

   Tool selection for each step

   Speed change position (up and down)

   Ram tilt +.200” total end-to-end

   Dwell time at bottom of stroke (limited)

   Up and down stroke stops (ON / OFF)

   Material Clamp: Pause / Stop (ON / OFF)

   Tonnage reversal auto calculation
Operator adjustable gage control inputs:

   Flange dimension

   Gage allowance (auto calculation or manual input)

   Retract distance

   Gage Pause time

   Incremental gage move

   Advanced Flange Correction

   Z-axis position auto calculation

Cincinnati Bend Simulation Module control and offline

Operator Controls

Operator controls ON / OFF Key switch

One (1) two-hand button operator station for “SETUP”

   or “STROKE” mode

Two footswitches for “STROKE” mode

       One mounted on footrest

       One on cable

Hand/Foot Sequence mode of operation

Ram Stroke Mode Selector (OFF, SETUP, STROKE)

Ram Cycle Mode Selector (SINGLE STEP and AUTO


Ram Up button

Emergency Stop button

Red and green ram direction indicators

Machine Features

Non-metallic liners for ram guiding surfaces

Screw Leveling Feet with adjustable working height

Welded, stress relieved frame

Electro-mechanical drives with satellite roller screws

Air Conditioned Electrical Cabinet

Automatic leveling control system with dual linear

  encoders .00002” resolution

Dual Strain Gages for measuring tonnage

Wilson American Express Clamp for ½” tongue tools

Bed Top: 60mm wide, full length die slot, front/back

   screws on 100mm centers to align die holder

English rule on upper clamp

LED work lights front and rear

Electrically interlocked rear guard

Electrically interlocked end guards

Machine Color –Combination gray, red and black

One Operation, Safety and Maintenance Manual (Red)

One Operation and Safety Manual (Blue)

Capacity Plate for CSA

460/3/60 Electrics

Backgage Features

Six Axis Backgage X1,X2, R1,R2, Z1,Z2

Two gage fingers, two solid tips,  two step tips


Press Brake Parts – 2 years

Control – 1 Year

Backgage Parts – 1 Year

Service Labor - 1 Year

Operator Training at Cincinnati – two slots


All goods in this proposal will conform to applicable machinery construction standards

of the Federal Occupational Safety & Health Act of 1970. In the event of changes in standards between the date of this proposal and order acknowledgment date, CINCINNATI INCORPORATED will quote the additional cost required to meet the intervening standards. No warranty of compliance with State or local standards is made in the absence of specific reference thereto in our quotation.

This CINCINNATI INCORPORATED press brake complies with the construction requirements of the current ANSI B11.3 safety standard. Each new CINCINNATI press brake is so identified by a compliance tag upon machine completion at our factory.

Each machine is furnished with an Operation, Safety and Maintenance Manual, a copy of ANSI B11.3 safety standards to assist in the proper care and use of your machine, and safeguarding selection book PI-50686 for information on point-of-operation protection (see attached).

Which Cincinnati Press Brake Model Is Best for You??

Cincinnati BASEFORM CNC Press Brake vs. PROFORM CNC Press Brake

Cincinnati's Newest brake and increasingly the fastest growning brake on the market today is the Cincinnati Baseform CNC Press Brake.  This brake is has a very competitive price structure as compared to other manufacturers in the New CNC Press Brake Marketplace such as Accurpress, JMT, Trumpf, Amada, Pacific and other similar high quality CNC Machines.  It has accuracy repeatability of +-.0004".  Baseform is a production machine for Cincinnati with more limited options than a Proform, Maxform, Autoform or Goform.  It has a 3 axis CNC Cincinnati Touchscreen control which is the same control across the board on the Cincinnati CNC Press Brake line.  This makes it easier to step into other Cincinnati press brakes as your machinery needs increase to a machine with larger stroke or other CNC Capabilities.  Another great option for your older Cincinnati brakes is you can upgrade your existing 1990's CBII, FMII or AF to the same control and have 100% commonality of controls including tool libraries and program files

Cincinnati PROFORM+ CNC Press Brake vs. MAXFORM CNC Press Brake

If you are looking for even more capabilities by way of Ultra High Speed as well as Accuracy +-.0002", please inquire about a MaxForm Cincinnati Press Brake.  
Cincinnati MaxForm Press Brakes can be customized to accomodate larger stroke, Auto Crowning, Hydraulic Clamping, Standard DTC "Dynamic Thickness Compensation"- Allows the brake to automatically on the fly measure the thickness of the material as it is bending to calculate the changes in reversal for air bending, Heavy Duty Backgauges and more!  It comes standard with a 5-axis gauge with optional 6-axis linear motor drive gauge allowing for the fastest CNC system on the market!

Cincinnati AUTOFORM+ CNC Press Brakes vs. MAXFORM CNC Press Brake

For the most customizable CNC press brake made by Cincinnati Inc. you should look at a Cincinnati AutoForm.  The Cincinnati AutoForm+ is absolutley customizable.  Cincinnati Inc. can install Special Horns on the machine for the aircraft industry forming or other special forming operations.  Accuracy is +-.0002" repeatability on the MaxForm opposed to the Autoform+ that has +-.0004" repeatability.  How long of a Stroke do you need?  Just let us know and Cincinnati can build to order.  If you are looking for a Tandem Press Brake for long pieces Autoform+ is your best choice!

Cincinnati Goform CNC High Accuracy, Small Parts Electric Press Brake Machine

This new technology uses servos to power the ram.  This allows for a super high accuracy 0.00002" and repeatablilty day in and day out.  It is completely electric and when it is between moves it is silent.  The GoForm is the perfect solution for small parts up to 1/4" thick and weigh less than 50 lbs.  It is a small low profile machine that is built ergonomically for a user to comfortably sit or stand at the machine.  
The Cincinnati GoForm Electric Press Brake has a electro-mechanical drive with satellite roller screws.  This machine also has one of the largest strokes available with a 10" stroke and 17" open height compared to only 4" with other competitors brakes.
Tooling, Tooling, Tooling, one of the best things about this brake is its adaptability of the tooling you are able to run with it.  US Tooling, US Self Seating, Wila, Trumpf and European is all accptable tooling for the GoForm.
The backgauge is a TRUE 6-axis gauge that moves at a incredable speed of 3,000 IPM.  The GoForm is also designed to be movable using a forklift to allow for easy work flow.

With such a diverse line of CNC Press brakes and equipment it is no wonder why Cincinnati inc. is still the leading manufactuer in the USA and has been for decades.  Don't miss out on a chance to buy the best machines on the market and call Sterling Machinery Exchange today.



CALL TODAY!! 626-444-0311

* Temporary specifications subject to verification.

  All quotations subject to prior sale.

  New pricing is good only at time of invoice and must be paid Immediately to guarantee no price increases by the manufacturers.

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  • Full Truckload
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Innovative Products

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