Sterling Machinery is proud to assist in your purchase of any machinery we offer.

Sterling has teamed up with some great finance companies that will be able to assist you in your purchase and help you make a wise decision. We can help you receive quotes from different companies that we have worked with for many years to help you get the best rate possible.

Need Cash??? Need Machinery Financing???

  • Sterling Machinery Exchange is offering 3 month deferrals for customers to buy equipment now and start making equipment purchase payments in 90 days.
  • You can leverage your equipment that you are purchasing to grow your cash on hand. This Financing Program allows customers to cash up to $50,000 on top of the equipment purchase.
  • You can put cash in your pocket and machines on your floor now!
ClickLease Financing

Easy Financing

Payment plans don’t need to be an administrative hassle. We make it easy. apply in less than 3 minutes through a button (or send the application via text or email) and receive a decision instantly. Go from prospect to paid in 3 simple steps:
  1. Instant Approval  
  2. No hardc credit Pull 
  3. $500-$25,000
SFT Financing

Easy Financing
$25,000 and Above

Providing our customers with affordable and personalized financing that caters to the budget of any business, regardless of size or credit profile.
  1. 100% Financing including soft costs (shipping, accessories, etc.)  
  2. No Down Payments Required 
  3. 12 – 60 month terms
  4. Deferred & Seasonal Payments
  5. Tax advantages via IRS Section 179

Business Financing

Instant and Secure 100% Online Lease Purchase Financing for Both New and Established Business!


To apply for business financing, please fill out the online application or contact our Finance Department with any questions:

Finance Department Direct: Sam Assassa 424.625.8282

Click Here for :6 Tips for Financing the Equipment or Machinery You Need

Metal Working Machinery Financing Options:

100% Finance Programs

Sterling Machinery can finance a wide range of new and used equipment, technology and software. Finance 100% of any capital purchase including soft costs like training, maintenance, installation and taxes.

Application-Only Programs

Get approved for up to $100,000 in purchases without financials.

Approval before the Auction

Pre-Approval Up To $150,000 INSTANTLY!*(oac) Prior to Auction Bidding.

There are some sound business reasons to lease equipment - let's examine them in detail...

Conserve Capital
You conserve capital with 100% financing. Of you invest the conserved capital in your business and compound the earnings, you offset a substantial portion of the lease payment.

Maximize Credit Lines
When you borrow funds to purchase equipment it often reduces the available lines of credit by a corresponding amount. By increasing liabilities, you decrease available credit. This can severely restrict your firm's access to working capital. Because lease payments are shown as a footnote on your balance sheet, banks treat these obligations differently. Short term credit is retained.

Inflation Can Work For You
You make inflation work for you, not against you, by paying with tomorrow's progressively less valuable dollars. If you buy with today's dollars, the tax dollars you recover tomorrow through depreciation are progressively less useful to you

Expand Your Budget
You expand your budget by freeing capital funds to build inventory, add space or personnel, or enlarge your business.

Level Payments
Through leasing you also protect yourself from fluctuations in the money market. Since most leases are quoted at fixed rates, the payments remain the same throughout the term of the lease. Planning for future growth and development becomes more practical.

The Bottom Line
In a nutshell... lease financing gives you 100% of the proceeds to finance the equipment. A bank loan will usually require as much as 30% of the loan amount be retained by the bank as a down payment. In effect, you only receive 70% of the proceeds of your loan!!

Leasing allows a firm to budget its expenses to income. If a piece of equipment produces income or savings as you use it, why pay for those savings before they are realized? Leasing allows you to use the equipment while you pay for it. You enjoy a better profit picture when current income covers current expenses. It is the USE of equipment which is productive, NOT its ownership!!

Plan For Growth
Bank borrowing and leasing should complement each other. Bank loans are most economical for short-term needs. Leasing is most economical for long-term equipment needs. Leasing preserves your bank lines.

Maximize Tax Advantages
You may reduce your current tax obligations. If you treat lease payments as fully deductible operating expenses, they can be subtracted from pre-tax income. With a lease term shorter than the useful life the system, the benefits can effectively reduce your tax obligations. In contrast, your interest and depreciation tax benefits as an owner are typically claimed over a longer time and are less in a given year.

Section 179 Advantages For A Non-Tax/Capital Lease ($1 Buyout or 10% PUT)

• Businesses that purchase less then $800,000 in equipment and put into service this year can DEDUCT THE FULL PURCHASE amount up to $250,000

• One time bonus depreciation of 50% on the remaining value for equipment purchases that exceed $250,000 (Deduction begins to phase out dollar for dollar after $800,000)

• Most business equipment qualify for the deduction so long as the equipment purchased is placed into service by the end of this year

Your customers must act now! These larger tax deductions are scheduled to be gone in 2010. If your customer decides to lease the equipment as a Fair Market Value (FMV) lease, they can still fully claim the lease payments as a business expense and deduct 100% of the payments.

We’ll help you close more sales by structuring finance programs that will take full advantage of the tax incentives available.

100% Finance Programs

Direct Capital can finance a wide range of new and used equipment, technology and software. Finance 100% of any capital purchase including soft costs like training, maintenance, installation and taxes.

Application-Only Programs
Get approved for up to $100,000 in purchases without financials.

Flex-Pay Structures
Seasonal and up to 90 day deferred payment options are available. These structures help replenish cash flow and more closely match the monthly revenue and expense associated with the purchase.

Start-Up Programs
Secure up to $50,000 in financing for businesses with as little as one day in business. Additional financing may be available depending on the collateral financed.

Refinance & Consolidation Programs
Refinance existing purchases or choose to consolidate existing debt with a new equipment purchase. Merge them onto one schedule and lower your monthly payment! This program will help to free up your cash flow and streamline your monthly payments.

Master Lease Programs
Get up front financing approval and draw off those funds over time through a simple one page lease supplement. Each draw off the existing approval is subject to final credit review and may require additional documentation.

Working Capital Programs
Direct Capital will advance up to 50% of the appraised market value of qualified equipment you currently own. This program is intended for clients who have purchased equipment and wish to use the proceeds from new financing as a source of additional working capital or to pay off existing high interest debt.

Mid-Ticket Financing
We have a team dedicated to transactions of $100,000 - $750,000.

Credit Profile Report/Credit Analyzer
Find out exactly how lenders see you when you are looking for financing. Your business may be healthy and have the ability to fulfill payments, but particularities in your business profile may be telling lenders a completely different story. Find out what is raising your risk profile and how you can fix it.

Capital from Future Credit Card Sales
We have programs that enable you to leverage future credit card sales into capital today.

Lines of Credit
We offer secured and unsecured lines of credit to help you keep your business going.