An ironworker has the nickname of the Swiss Army Knife in the fabrication industry. In a small compact space an ironworker can do a range of jobs such as punching holes of various shapes and sizes, shear a rod, flat bar, and angle iron with special tooling. Scotchman Iron workers save labor time, energy and cost. Hours of drill time, quick shearing and bending. Why choose American Made Scotchman?

For over 50 years Scotchman Industries has been the leading manufacturer of metal fabricating equipment. The Scotchman Ironworkers are USA made quality machines that save time, increase productivity, eliminate waste, and create smooth cuts and holes. Made in USA Scotchman products include ironworkers, circular cold saws, bandsaws, pipe notchers, grinders, hydraulic presses, measuring systems and tooling. Things to consider when selecting a Scotchman is capacity, versatility, safety features and quality.

An ironworker is generally the first step in manufacturing process. One ironworker can provide enough fabricated material for all welders in your manufacturing plant to increase productivity. Be sure to compare the rating of the machine not only in tons but also the diameter of the hole and thickness of the material it can punch. There are two basic styles of ironworks, a fully integrated European Style and component tool tabletop. Not all tons are created equal so when choosing a Scotchman Ironworker let the experts at Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication assist you with the best choice for your fabricating needs.

The most popular Scotchman ironworker is Porta-Fab 45, both available in 50 ton model 50514-EC and 65 ton model 6509. The Scotchman coldsaws that shops use more often are the CPO 350 PK model (power clamping), and CPO350PKPD (Power Down Feed). The Standard Manual Quick Miter CPO350 is another popular Coldsaw perfect for Ferrous metals. If you’re looking to cut aluminum Metal Extrusions ask us about the SUP500NF & Sup-600NF.

See our showcase of the used Scotchman Ironworkers Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication offers. Call us at 626 444-0311 if you’re looking for a 45 ton Component Style Ironworker or a 150 ton Dual Operation and Fully Integrated Ironworker Hydraulic ironworker, brake, shear, angle shear and notching machine. We have great deals nationwide. If you want to sell a machine, or auction your current inventory, let Sterling Machinery Exchange work with you to find the right machine for your needs.