Is Piranha The Best Hydraulic Ironworker?

The Piranha hydraulic ironworker machine delivers what you need the most which is reliability, durability, and repeatability.  Since 1974 Piranha Ironworkers have been known as heavy duty fabrication machines. Most metal fabrication shops need some way to punch, shear and notch metal plate, and the Piranha Ironworker is the machine for the job.

The Piranha hydraulic ironworker machine line ranges from 50 to 140 tons.  The machines are both Dual operation and single operation depending on production needed.  At Sterling Machinery Exchange we offer both new and used Piranha Ironworkers for sale.  We also are looking to purchase ironworkers.  We have a complete line up of Hydraulic Ironworkers like the P-50, which has 50 Tons of punching power.  The flat bar shear 3/8" x 12", angle shear that can cut 3/8" x 3" x 3".  A coper notcher with a capacity of 1/4" x 2-1/4" x 3".  Adding the Piranha press brake bending attachment you can bend up to 12" material. The P-50 one of the most popular ironworkers on the market today.

What Model Of Piranha Ironworker Is Best For My Shop?

Additional Piranha Models include the P-65 65 Tons with a 5/8" x 15" Capacity Shear and a 3/8" x 5" Angle Shear, P-90 90 Tons, P-110 110 Tons with a 1/2" x 20" shear capacity and up to a 24" press brake, P-140.   
Dual Operation Hydraulic Ironworkers PII-88 and the PII-140 meaning you can work on two stations at the same time. Great for small shops with lots of production.
An Ironworker has multiple stations on the same machine to specifically performs a variety of tasks such as punching, shearing notching, bending, and other metal fabrication tasks.  An ironworker can sometimes replace the need for drill presses and bandsaws.    
With a wide range of ironworker machine tooling available and ironworker machine attachments, a Piranha ironworker machine offers unparalleled versatility, and savings in set up time.

We Buy, Sell and Trade New and Used Piranha Ironworkers.

All Piranha Ironworkers come standard with a round bar shearing section, with the exception of the P50.  The P50 can shear a round bar with an optional attachment.
Standard features on most Piranha ironworkers are:  Urethane stripper attachment, automation urethane hold-downs, a direct line of sight over the hold down bar, low rake angle on the flat bar shear, floating upper blade on the angle shear, low rake angle on the coper notcher, and a unique dovetail design for quick change tooling unique to Piranhas. The Piranha machine is known for ease of use with a simple joystick operation that controls allowing high or low approach speeds. They also have foot pedals to actuate leaving your hands free to form material.  The machines a quick-to-learn operation design. The user-friendly design is rounded out with a foot pedal which allows the machine to quickly be turned into a production punching or forming workstation.
For all your fabrications and Ironworker needs, contact the experts at Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication for new and used machinery.  Let us direct you to find the best equipment for your factory. Sterling Machinery Exchange and fabrication is a leader in the industry with a showroom of Piranha Ironworkers, both new and used. 

We buy and sell surplus machinery and equipment since 1954, and we know what will work for you.  We offer ironworkers that punch, notch, shear and brake all types of metal materials, bar-stock and angle. We offer a full line of high quality, low maintenance hydraulic Ironworkers.  We showcase several ironworkers in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. 
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