Save thousands of dollars on machine tools,
Rent it for pennies on the dollar!

We offer rentals for Company use as well as Movie Studios such as Columbia Pictures, Universal, Pilgrim Films, MGM and Discovery Channel.

  1. Rental fees are normally 10% of machine price
  2. 1st and last month must be paid in advance
  3. Must provide proof of insurance
  4. $75 UCC filing fee
  5. 3 month minimum

We carry all types of Machines such as:
Lathes, Mills, Presses, Saws, Press , Grinders, Shears and Rolls

Rentals are ONLY available locally in the greater Los Angeles area, please call us at (626) 444-0311 for more information!

Press Brakes Lathes Rolls Presses
Press Brakes