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Used Press Brakes: FAQs

What are press brakes?

Press brakes are used to bend and shape sheet and plate material, most commonly metal. Their general capabilities include assembling, drawing, punching, trimming, stretching, forming, and compressing. 

Modern press brakes often include a multi-axis back gauge. Programmed by a computer, a back gauge focuses on finer details, such as moving between bends, repeatedly making complex parts, precisely positioning the metal sheets, and allowing an operator to make adjustments during the bending process. 

What types of press brakes are there?

Some common types of press brakes include: 

Hydraulic Press Brakes: Use hydraulic systems to apply pressure and are known for their precision and control.

Mechanical Press Brakes: Use a flywheel to generate force and are known for speed and consistency.

Pneumatic Press Brakes: Use air pressure to operate and are typically used for lighter, less demanding tasks. 

Electric Press Brakes: Use electric motors to generate force and are known for their energy efficiency, precision, and ease of use.

Manual Press Brakes: Are hand-operated, using a lever or handle to apply force, and allowing direct control over the bending process.

How do press brakes work?

Press brakes bend sheet metal by lowering a punch onto the sheet positioned on top of a die block. A motor applies force to the metal workpiece, compressing or changing the metal into the desired form. It’s highly precise and can be reset or reprogrammed when prompted, ensuring high-quality fabrication and repeatability.

How much do press brakes cost?

On average, press brakes can cost anywhere between $10,000 to $5 million. A used brake press often sells for less than $5,000, depending on the type. Our in-house repair, electrical, paint, and expert mechanic teams take great pride in ensuring all used press brakes in our inventory are in excellent condition and fully functional. We specialize in top brands like Cincinnati, Wysong, and Amada model press brakes, as well as many others. Each press brake, used or new, also comes with a Certified Guarantee of performance. 

What factors should be considered when choosing a press brake?

Choosing the right press brake depends on the specific requirements of your manufacturing project. Consider the required tonnage and speed, as well as the machine's bed length and throat depth. Additionally, you may want to look at the accuracy and programmability of the press brake to ensure it meets your needs.

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