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    25 Ton x 3/4" Used Bliss High Speed Punch Press, Mdl. , Shut Height Indicator, Bliss 46HL Clutch & Motor Control, Bliss AL69H Slanted Top, Recirculating Oil System, #A4755

    Used Bliss High Speed Punch Press

    Finance as low as

    440.97 Per Mo.*
    Stock No: #A4755 Manufacturer: Bliss Model: HP-2-25 Capacity: 25 Ton x 3/4"
    Category: Presses, Straight Side (Double Crank)
    Condition: Used

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    500 Ton Used Bliss Straight Side Stamping Press (BIG HEAVY DUTY PUNCH PRESS), Mdl. HP2-500-84X48, Bliss Controls, Data Instruments SmartPAK Wintriss Press Automation Control, AutoSetPAC, Wintriss Load Analyzer, (2) Programmable Cam Outputs, DiPRO and DSI2 Sensor Interfaces, Air Pressure Die Balance, COE "Servo Master Series" Model CPRF-S424 24" Feed with Digital Control, #C5079

2 Items

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