Is A Doringer Coldsaw The Right Saw for My Application?

Doringer Cold Saws are cutting machines used in metalworking applications. Doringer is a United States Manufacturer of Cold Saws.  Cold saws are used to make precise and clean cuts in materials including steel, aluminum, and other metals. Doringer saws are known for their efficiency, accuracy, and durability. A cold saw is commonly used in industries such as fabrication, manufacturing, and construction. Doringer Cold Saws are best known because there isn’t a faster, safer, or more economical way to cut steel, stainless steel. Every cut comes out square, with a smooth finish, and burr free. With a Doringer cold saw you can go directly from sawing, welding or assembling.

A cold saw uses a solid steel, resharpenable sawblade, a 1700 rpm motor and a direct drive worm shaft gear.  This blade reduces the speed to 54 rpm to produce maximum torque. The sawblade turns at 54 RPM, but cuts faster than a hot or band saw. Cold sawing is recognized as more efficient than the old-fashion methods of abrasive or band sawing for the following reasons:

  • Speed – 6″ X 2″ channel iron can be cut in under 8 seconds; 3 inch schedule 40 pipe in under 3 seconds.
  • Quality – Straight, accurate cuts (guaranteed ±.002″), no burr, no heat, no discoloration.
  • Safety – Sawblade turns at only 54 RPM. No heat, sparks, dust, very little noise.
  • Economical – The cold sawblade may be resharpened up to 50 times, reducing steel cutting costs by 90%.
  • Dependability –At Sterling Machinery Fabrication and Exchange we sell cold saws and both new and used industrial machinery for over 70 years.  We buy and sell Doringer cold saws.  Ask us about the specs of the coldsaw you are looking for so we can assist you to find the right machine for your shop

There are three different operation modes for Doringer Cold Saws, and several differences in each operation.

  1. Manual cold saws are typically more affordable and suitable for small-scale operations or applications that do not require high production rates. They are operated entirely by a human operator. The operator manually clamps the workpiece securely in place using the saw vise, and the downfeed of the saw blade manually by using a handle or lever. This requires the operator to guide the saw blade into the material at a controlled rate. After completing the cut, the operator manually repositions the workpiece for the next cut.
  2. Semi-automatic cold saws combine manual and automated features, offering a balance between operator control and increased productivity. Semi-automatic cold saws are more efficient than manual ones, making them suitable for applications that require moderate production rates and improved cutting speed. The cutting process involves Material Clamping. Similar to manual cold saws, the workpiece is manually clamped in place. Then instead of manually controlling the downfeed, the operator will activate and engage the automated sawblade downfeed mechanism. Then the saw blade is controlled by the machine. After each cut, the operator manually repositions or indexes the material for the subsequent cut.
  3. Automatic Cold Saws are designed for high-volume, large scale production, and maximum efficiency. The Automatic Cold Saw offers the highest level of automation, utilizing minimal operator involvement. The cutting process involves. Material Clamping. The workpiece is automatically clamped by the saw. The machine controls both the cutting speed and the downfeed rate. The saw blade automatically descends at a predetermined rate, and the cutting speed is optimized for efficient cutting. After each cut, the machine automatically indexes the material for the next cut. This is typically done using a programmable system that controls the material feed.

The exact features and capabilities of Doringer cold saws, varies with the  different models.  For detailed information on Doringer cold saws contact the experts at Sterling Machinery Fabrication and Exchange.  We offer complete financing!  We will buy your used Doringer cold saws and pay you top dollar.  Immediate Cash!  Upgrade to a newer model Doringer Cold Saw.  We have what you’re looking for and the expertise to explain the differences.

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