Last Updated :Mon, Sep 21, 2020

2000 Watts Brand New Nukon CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Mdl. ECO S-Line PRO 315 2K, CNC Control Unit, Cutting Head, Suction System, Resonator, Hydraulic Blocks, Sheet Holder, Signal Lamp, Filter For Exhaust Gases, Rack Pinion, QBH Cable Entry For Laser Beam, Extended Protective Glass For Ray Efficiency, Colimation Module With Automatic Adjustment Of Focus Position, Enhanced Safety Cartridge Cover, Developed With Ceramic Adapter, Crust Reduction Control, Blow Piercing, Head Retraction Method, Lateral Air Blowing System, 3rd & 4th Super High-Pressure Gas Line, Adjustable via CNC, Rear of Machine Comtrols, Nozzle Cleaning, Dust Filtration System (Without Connection Material), Gas & Air Cabinet, Installation, Training (4 Days), #SMECOSLINEPRO3152K
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