Last Updated :Mon, Jul 26, 2021

42 Ton x 6' Brand New Atek Bantam PM Series Pneumatic Press Brake, Mdl. PM642, Pneumatic/Mechanical Lever Action, Screw Adjust Ram Stroke Control, Rear Adjust Manual Back Gauge, 90 Degree Punch & 3/4" V Die, Safety Hooded Foot Valve with Toe Flip Cover, Rated Tonnage @ 100 PSI, Complete Modular FRL Unit with OSHA Lockout, Variable Tonnage Control, Full Frame Design, Full Width Between Housings, High Arched Lever Design, High Visibility Yellow Paint on all Moving Parts, Easy Tool Loading Thru Open Ends, Leveling Screws & Mounting Pads, In the Frame Bed Adjusting Screws, Front Scales for Easy Set Up, #SMPM642
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