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About Us

Quality, performance and price must speak for themselves, so we encourage your inquiry.

Genstar Technologies Company Inc. is a global provider of high quality pressure regulators, fittings, valves, welding apparatus and various gas control and handling devices.

Founded in 1984, Genstar Technologies has emerged as a global company. UL approved high quality products, competitive pricing, and continual technological innovation have fueled Genstar's steady growth. The Research and Development Department works continuously to improve existing product lines, while developing innovative product designs of the highest quality for diverse markets.

Our distributors take pride in supplying Genstar's products because they offer users significant value. Products are produced, assembled and tested by an experienced and dedicated work force that is committed to product integrity and excellence. In addition to their high quality, the product are interchangeable with most major brands.

With its current line of popular products, R&D strength, and ISO 9001-2000 certified facility, Genstar Technologies is equipped to provide its customers with superior quality products and excellent service.

Quality Assurance

All of our products are manufactured under stringent quality control. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2001, ISO13485, and API certified. Our products meet UL, CE, SEMI, and various international standards and certifications.


Corporate Culture, Management & Training

Gentec strives to instill employee confidence, team spirit, enthusiasm, and self-improvement. The company culture enables employees to provide outstanding customer service, excellent product quality, and continuous technological innovation.
Gentec believes in constant improvement to maintain its competitive edge. The company continues to invest considerable time and effort in developing comprehensive training programs to help its employees to fully realize their potential. All new employees take part in a series of training programs within the first two months of their employment.


Core Competency

Gentec's core competency is rooted in the research, development, and production of components, equipment, and systems. The research and development team consists of professionals from various fields, such as chemical engineering, material science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software programming.


Manufacturing Capabilities

The manufacturing facility is equipped with CNC machining centers, electoral polishing equipment, and prevision automatic orbital welding systems, among other features, to ensure the production of the highest quality products.


Advanced Laboratorial Testing Devices

The state-of-art laboratory features a coordinate measuring system, flow rate measurement system, oxygen concentration monitor, micro-hardness tester, metallurgical microscope, spring testing machine, helium-leak detector, and profilometer. These high-end devices ensure product performance and quality.


Clean Room Facilities

Our class 10/100/1000 clean rooms are designed for Ultra High Purity (UHP) products. UHP products undergo precision machining, surface finishing, electro-polishing and passivation. All UHP products are cleaned by 18MΩ DI water in a cascade ultrasonic tank. To ensure the highest UHP product quality, they are then vacuum-dried and double-bagged.


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