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Mission & History

AGMA Mission Statement (updated 2016)

AGMA is the global network for technical standards, education, and business information for manufacturers, suppliers, and users of mechanical power transmission components.


AGMA Origins

The American Gear Manufacturers Association is a voluntary association of companies, consultants, and academicians with a direct interest in the design, manufacture, and application of gears, couplings, and related power transmission components and equipment.

AGMA began on the cutting edge of new technologies. In 1916, a new gear market was emerging. It emphasized quiet operation, particularly for timing gears in the automotive industry.

Founded in 1916, AGMA is a member and market driven organization, conducting programs and providing services to the gear industry and its customers. AGMA member companies currently number more than 400. They include gear manufacturers from the United States, Mexico, and Canada, as well as gearing interests from more than 30 countries around the world.

AGMA is accredited by the American National Standards Institute to write all U.S. standards on gearing. AGMA is also the Secretariat (Chairman) for Technical Committee 60 of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). TC 60 is the committee responsible for developing all international gearing standards. In addition to the holding the position of Secretariat, AGMA convenes (chairs) the active ISO Working Groups related to gear inspection and testing.

Gear manufacturers were exploring various materials – but lacked technical standards for non-metallic gearing.

AGMA was born when R.D. Nuttall Company brought together several gear manufacturers to discuss developing such standards.

The first AGMA members included Cincinnati Gear Company, Earle Gear and Machine Company, Horsburgh and Scott Company, Newark Gear Cutting Machine Company, R.D. Nuttall Company, Philadelphia Gear Works, Pittsburgh Gear and Machine Company, Simonds Manufacturing Company and Van Dorn Dutton Company.

They established an executive committee, which drew up a constitution and elected officers. They planned AGMA’s first Annual Meeting, held in Pittsburgh May 14-15, 1917.


AGMA Today

Today, AGMA is still on the cutting edge. The association includes 0ver 500 of the world’s top gearing experts across more than 30 nations.

The association is managed by an Executive Committee and a Board of Directors.Members also serve on Business Management Councils and Technical Committees. A full-time staff of 12 association professionals is headquartered in Alexandria, Va.

As in its beginnings, AGMA continues to literally set the standard. Its open standards development process is tailored to the global marketplace.

But AGMA also offers much more. You are invited to explore AGMA’s many events and training opportunities, publications, industry news, products and much more.

AGMA: Technology Driven. Globally Connected.


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