Sterling Machinery On KLOS 95.5
We here at Sterling Machinery Exchange wanted to personally thank 95.5 KLOS for having our Vice President & Auctioneer (Adam Mattes) on The Heidi and Frank Show.

Click the link below to listen to our interview on Youtube.


  • Sterling Machinery Exchange has been buying, selling and trading machinery for over 60 years. We have grown from a small used machinery dealer, to now one of the largest stocking dealers of new machinery and used equipment nationwide.
  • Sterling Machinery Exchange deals with Lathes, Milling Machines, Press Brakes, CNC Machines, Shears, Grinding Machines, Drills and more. This is known as Chip Making and Fabrication equipment for the metal working industry.
  • You can view a 360˚ Google walk through of both Fabricating Showroom and Chip Making Showrooms
  • We now offer training courses for our new manufacturers wanting to learn more about the Machine Industry. Here is info on a class we just held at our locations for Cincinnati Inc., one of the largest AMERICAN companies still making machines today, CHECK OUT OUR TRAINING HERE
  • Sterling Machinery Exchange also has a video website,, showcasing thousands of machinery demonstration videos in multiple languages.
  • Our home website provides live webcam demos, online support, full inventory and much more. This allows people to trade up older equipment to the newer, quicker, safer and easier equipment they dreamed of.
  • Sterling Machinery Exchange works with small mom and pop job shops, the aircraft industry, companies that make buildings, tables, chairs and everyday products, all the way up to companies that are building rockets that go to outer space.
  • We ship to customers worldwide. For example, some places we have shipped to are South America, Europe, and even to Australia.
  • Sterling Machinery Auctions held many auctions last year, including 5 auctions for the SAN ONOFRE Nuclear Plant, selling all their support assets. Sterling Machinery holds live Auctions as well as Internet live bidding. This allows the user to be anywhere in the world and bid on machines we are selling ultimately making it a real global event.
  • Sterling Machinery Exchange will be an exhibitor showcasing the different machines they carry in stock at Fabtech2016, a tradeshow in Las Vegas in November. CHECK OUT OUR FABTECH PAGE