140 Ton Brand New Piranha Hydraulic Dual Operational Ironworker , Mdl. PII-140, Automatic Hold Down, Punch Holder, Stripper, & Die Block, # 40 And # 45 Punch Nuts With Wrench & Stripper, Set Of Angle Knives, # 40 And # 45 Punch Nuts With Wrench & Stripper, # 40 And # 45 Punch Nuts With Wrench & Stripper, Set Of Coper Knives, Coupling Wrench, Two (2) Foot Switches, Extra Filter Element, Chip Bucket, Instruction/Parts Book/Video Link, #SMPII140

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140 Tons
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140 Tons 1-3/8" diameter through 1-1/4" plate
Flat Bar Shear
20” x 1/2", 18" x 3/4", 14" x 1"
Angle Shear
6” x 6” x 5/8”
4” x 6” x 3/8”
20 HP
11,930 Lbs.
# 40 And # 45 Punch Nuts With Wrench & Stripper
Automatic Hold Down
Punch Holder, Stripper, & Die Block
Set Of Angle Knives
Set Of Coper Knives
Coupling Wrench
Two (2) Foot Switches
Extra Filter Element
Chip Bucket
Instruction/Parts Book/Video Link

Additional Information

  1. Mechanical Stripper Attachment- keeps material flat through the punching process, eliminating
    distortion.  The shorter required stroke gives you a faster punching cycle.
  2. Automatic Urethane Hold-downs- clamps and releases material automatically with each stroke.  Part movement is eliminated by clamping the part throughout the entire shearing cycle.
  3. Visibility- a direct line of sight over the hold down bar allows the operator to easily and accurately line up cuts to the shear blades.
  4. Flat Bar Shear- the low rake angle shear design results in flatter and higher quality sheared parts.  Shear blades have four usable edges giving you a longer life and less expensive blades.
  5. Angle Shear-  the floating upper blade seats in the center of the angle prior to cutting minimizing


  • Automatic Hold Down
  • Coupling Wrench
  • Punch Holder, Stripper, & Die Block
  • 5 Punch & Die Sets 9/16” through 1-1/16”
  • Chip Bucket
  • Set of Angle Knives
  • Extra Filter Element
  • Set 1-1/4” Round Bar Knives
  • Set of 16-5/8” Plate Shear Knives
  • Instruction/Parts Book/Video Link
  • Set of Coper Knives



The bending attachments are designed to increase productivity on the punch end of the machine. Bending attachments come in 18″,24″,36″ versions and a 24″ Press Brake tool holder that are mounted parallel to the beam allowing you unlimited throat depth. All bending attachments include 4-way bending dies with openings of 7/8”, 1-1/8”, 1-1/2” and 2”.

On the punch end of the machine we offer an adjustable Channel Shear capable of shearing 2”-8” standard channel. We also offer a Channel Die Block which replaces the standard die block and is designed to punch a hole in the leg or web of channel.

Channel Shear Kits are size specific channel shear blades and a hold down block that replace the standard angle knives and angle block and allows you to shear channel without slug loss in the angle section of the machine.

Oversize Attachments mount in place of standard punch attachment and are designed to punch a 50-ton maximum hole. Heavy Duty attachments and urethane stripping options for attachments 2-3/4” and larger are available upon request.

The quickset gauging table option is a productivity tool for the punch end. The gauging table mounts around the die block and uses finger stops to repeat a series of punched holes in flat bar or angle. The attachment comes with a table and flat bar gauge with measuring rules for easy hole location layout. A 5’ or 10’ extension can be added to the left or right side of the base table for longer part processing.

The backgauge option is a productivity tool for the shearing section. The backgauge mounts on the drop side of the machine and uses a compression sleeve for infinite, easy adjustment to gauge cut lengths in the angle, flat bar and round bar shearing stations. Electronic versions of this backgauge are available which automatically cycles the machine every time material makes contact with the backgauge probe. A support leg is included with the 9’ and 12’ versions.

The roller feed tables come in 5’ lengths and can be bolted together to make longer sections for fast, easy feeding of plate or angle. Includes 20” wide rollers for flat bar and 6” rollers in the angle section. Adjustable to accommodate floor height and machine type.

The pipe notching attachments mount easily on the platen table in place of the punch die block. This is a single notch system. To notch both sides of the pipe you must rotate the pipe and realign with the notching die for the second notch.

The pipe notching attachment is made up of three separate pieces, the pipe notching die holder, the pipe notching die and the pipe notching striker.

  • The pipe notching die holder is a universal die holder that bolts to the platen table and can accept 3/4” through 2” Schedule 40 Pipe Notching Dies
  • The pipe notching dies are spring return die sets that mount in the pipe notching die holder. Standard sizes of pipe notching dies are 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2” and 2” Schedule 40. Other sizes of pipe and tube notching dies are available upon request but may require a different die holder.
  • The pipe notching striker is an extended flat bottom punch used in your standard stripper assembly to press down the pipe notching die.

Benefits of Piranha Hydraulic Ironworkers over Scotchman Hydraulic Ironworkers (140 Ton Model P-140 Vs DO-150/240-24M)

When it comes to industrial manufacturing, hydraulic ironworkers are incredibly valuable tools for cutting and punching metal. When considering the two leading brands on the market - Piranha and Scotchman - there are numerous advantages that make Piranha hydraulic ironworkers stand out, particularly in their 140 ton model (P-140) versus the Scotchman DO-150/240-24M model.

Increased Speed & Productivity

Piranha hydraulic ironworkers offer greater speed and productivity than most Scotchman models. With faster cutting speeds and a quick release shear blade clamping system, operators can complete more jobs in less time while reducing downtime between jobs. This allows them to produce more parts in a shorter amount of time, resulting in improved output at lower costs.

Better Accuracy & Control

Piranha hydraulic ironworkers provide superior accuracy and control when performing tasks such as curved or beveled cuts, contour punching and forming operations. This makes them ideal for jobs requiring precise cuts or intricate shapes, as it eliminates the need for additional machining or costly adjustments afterwards.

More Durable Materials & Components

Piranha hydraulic ironworker frames are made from heavy-duty steel plates that are more durable than those used on most Scotchman models. The higher tensile strength of these materials ensures they will perform consistently under high stress applications while maintaining their shape over extended periods of use. Additionally, their components feature tough alloy steel gears which are resistant to wear and tear; improving longevity even further.

For most industrial applications, Piranha hydraulic ironworkers offer a superior performance advantage over traditional Scotchman models such as the 140 ton P-140 or DO-150/240-24M model. Not only do they provide greater speed, accuracy and durability but they also reduce operational costs due to improved productivity and lower maintenance requirements.


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