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Sterling Machinery Exchange is proud to announce that we are the only place other than Cincinnati Inc. Headquarters (Located in Cincinnati, OH) for demonstration, training, and sales of prestigious Cincinnati Press Brakes, Shears, Lasers, Powder Presses and 3D Printing Machines in the world.
Cincinnati Inc. is one of the most illustrious and trusted companies manufacturing machinery today. With over 100 years of experience, Cincinnati incorporated focuses on Innovation, Endurance and Performance. Sterling Machinery Exchange has been at the forefront of new technology, from state of the art new machinery, to great deals and amazing finds on used machinery for over 60 years.
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CINCINNATI CV Series Shear Conveyors can be optionally added to new CINCINNATI HS, SE, and G Series shears as well as existing CINCINNATI hydraulic and mechanical shears. One operator performs the normal function of feeding material into your shear while stacking and scrap separation are accomplished simultaneously. Where secondary shearing is required the blanks can be brought to the front of the shear in a neat stack for processing into finished blanks. Because stacking is now an integral part of the shearing process, your shear is available for a greater number of hours each day to produce blanks. Material is handled only when feeding it into the shear.There is not requirement for the operator to pick up the tons of finished blanks which are produced each day. Sturdy material supports guide the material over rollers from the shear table, minimizing sheet sag and allowing the material to be firmly positioned against the backgage. They retract quickly when the shear is cycled allowing the sheared blank to fall onto the conveyor belts. Deep back pieces, up to the limit of the backgage, contact the probes on the shear's backgage. You can gage ferrous and non-ferrous materials in a wide range of gauges with equal ease and accuracy using the material supports.

CV Series Shear Conveyor Specification Tables

Interfaced with Mechanical Shears

Conveyor Model (1) Shear Model STD. MATL Support Range (2) Minimum Material Thickness (3) Shear Passline Required (4) Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)
2CV06 1806RG 48" 20 ga. 32 3,700
2CV08 1808G 48" 20 ga. 32 4,100
2CV10 1810G 48" 20 ga. 32 4,600
2CV12 1812G 48" 20 ga. 32 5,000
4CV10 2510G 48" 16 ga. 34 5,300
4CV12 2512G 48" 16 ga. 34 5,700

Interfaced with Hydraulic Shears

Conveyor Model (1) Shear Model STD. MATL Support Range (2) Minimum Material Thickness (3) Shear Passline Required (4) Approx. Shipping Weight (lbs.)
2CV06-H 135HS06 36" 20 ga. 32" 3,900
250HS06 48" 20 ga. 34" 3,900
2CV08-H 250HS08 48" 20 ga. 34" 4,400
2CV10-H 135HS10 36" 20 ga. 32" 4,800
250HS10 48" 20 ga. 34" 4,800
2CV12-H 250HS12 48" 20 ga. 34" 5,000
2CV14-H 250HS14 48" 20 ga. 34" 5,000