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Sterling Machinery Exchange is proud to announce that we are the only place other than Cincinnati Inc. Headquarters (Located in Cincinnati, OH) for demonstration, training, and sales of prestigious Cincinnati Press Brakes, Shears, Lasers, Powder Presses and 3D Printing Machines in the world.
Cincinnati Inc. is one of the most illustrious and trusted companies manufacturing machinery today. With over 100 years of experience, Cincinnati incorporated focuses on Innovation, Endurance and Performance. Sterling Machinery Exchange has been at the forefront of new technology, from state of the art new machinery, to great deals and amazing finds on used machinery for over 60 years.
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CINCINNATI’s Baseform press brake is an affordable, precise, and available for quick delivery. The Baseform includes a powerful PC-based control that earned CINCINNATI press brakes a reputation for innovation, endurance, and performance. Available in 90- and 175-ton capacity models, the entry-level Baseform includes a microcrowned bed, and ±0.0004-in. ram repeatability. The Baseform comes standard with a backgage designed to reduce setup and handling time in processing a wide variety of jobs. Operators can easily program backgage positions necessary to form multiple flanges in one handling. Gage allowance, clamp position, retract distance and gage pause are also programmable, and a closed-loop servo drive provides fast, precise gage positions. A full-length bar, two adjustable gage holders with two sets of fingers and a positioning tool are standard equipment.

Manufacturer: Cincinnati
Model: 175BX10
Capacity: 175 Ton x 12'
Stock: #SM175BX10
Category: Brake Press, Press Brake
Subcategory: Hydraulic, CNC, Hydraulic, Cnc, Hydraulic & Mechanical
Condition: New Machinery
Capacity: 175 Ton x 12'
Length Of Bed & Ram: 144"
Ram Stroke: 10"
Throat: 16"
Open Height: 17"
Closed Height: 7"
Ram Speed: Approach: 300 IPM
Ram Speed: Press: 10 - 24 IPM
Ram Speed: Return: 80 - 190 IPM
Type: Hydraulic
Horsepower: 20 H.P.
Voltage: 230v/460v 3 Phase
Dimensions (W x Dx H)
Weight: 25,000 Lbs.
Manufacturer: Cincinnati
Model: 0BX8
Capacity: 90 Ton x 10'
Stock: #SM90BX8
Category: Brake Press, Press Brake
Subcategory: Hydraulic, Cnc, Hydraulic & Mechanical, Hydraulic, CNC
Condition: New Machinery
Capacity: 90 Ton x 10'
Length Of Bed & Ram: 120"
Distance Between Housings: 96"
Ram Stroke: 8"
Throat: 16"
Open Height: 15"
Closed Height: 7"
Ram Speed: Approach: 400 IPM
Ram Speed: Press: 10-24 IPM
Ram Speed: Return: 80-240 IPM
Ram Repeatability: 0.0004" (+/-)
Type: CNC
Voltage: 460V ~ 3 Phase
Dimensions (W x Dx H)
Weight: 16,000 Lbs.
Baseform Series Press Brake Specification Table
Ram Speeds
Model Overall Lengths Close Height Stroke Length Open Height Throat Clearance from Die Centerline Overall Height Approach Forming Return Ram Repeat
(ft) (in.) (in.) (in.) (in.) (in.) (ipm) (ipm) (ipm) (+/-) (in)
90 10 7 8 15 16 100 400 10 to 24 80 to 240 0.0004
175 12 7 10 17 16 113 300 10 to 24 80 to 190 0.0004

CINCINNATI® follows the policy of continuous advancement in product development. For this reason, specifications and dimensions are for reference only and can change without notice. Foundation plans are furnished with each new machine installation.