Cincinnati Demonstration Day 2023 Recap


Recap of Sterling's Incredible Demo Day 2023 with Cincinnati Inc. Made In America!

A massive thank you to all who joined us for Sterling Machinery Exchange's unforgettable Demo Day last week! It was an absolute blast celebrating our 70th anniversary with such an incredible community of metalworking enthusiasts, innovators, and industry experts.

Our Virtual and Live Event Went Beyond Expectations!

Here's a snapshot of the greatness you experienced:

Embarked on an amazing virtual tour of manufacturers' facilities nationwide. Witnessed mind-blowing live demos from industry leaders like Cincinnati, U.S. Industrial, Flow Waterjet Solutions, Baileigh Industrial, GMC, and more. Gained expert insights on financing unbeatable machinery deals. Our Virtual Live demonstration trade show was a game-changer, opening doors for real-time interactions and answering all your machinery questions on the spot

Highlights from the Lineup! Cincinnati Inc. presented their top of the line CNC press brake with Laser Safety and Calculation. We also saw a sneek Peak at a Live Cincinnati Training Class.

Scotchman Ironworkers and Coldsaws presented an incredible lineup of fabrication and metalworking tools from Phillip, South Dakota. Flow International left us in awe with their mesmerizing waterjet demos from Kent, Washington. Our first of it’s kind Nationwide Tours gave us a peek into various metalworking, fabrication, and toolroom equipment facilities. Atrump and others brought cutting-edge CNC solutions.

Missed out? Don't worry! Catch up on all the action at We're overjoyed to have shared 70 years of metalworking expertise with you and can't wait for what's ahead in our journey together.

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Cincinnati Press Brakes, Shears and Lasers are American Made!

Cincinnati Incorporated, the company behind the brand, has been producing PRESS Brakes, Shears, and Lasers for over a century.  Cincinnati is the most respected name in the industry. Their machines are known for their reliability, durability, and precision, making them popular choices for metalworking shops of all sizes.  Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication is an authorized seller of Cincinnati machines.

PRESS BRAKES: For metal bending applications the Cincinnati press brake is widely used by professionals in the industry. Cincinnati Press Brakes are available in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate a variety of metal bending needs.  It’s a brand of hydraulic press brakes used for metal bending applications. Cincinnati press brakes have an advanced control system allowing for precise and repeatable bending.  The hydraulics in the Cincinnati press brakes provides consistent power and speed throughout the bending process. 

CINCINNATI SHEARS:  are designed to cut a wide range of materials, including sheet metal, plate and other types of metal.  The Cincinnati shear comes in various sizes and capacities for different cutting needs.  Their control systems provide accurate and repeatable cuts due to the advanced hydraulic system. The Cincinnati shear makes clean precise cuts even on thicker materials.  The Cincinnati Shear is definitely a reliable choice for metal cutting applications. Talk to the experts at Sterling Machinery and Fabrication for advice on the best shear for your metal working.

CINCINNATI LASERS: Sterling Machinery Exchange also offers the Cincinnati range of laser cutting machines to suit different cutting needs and budgets. The Cincinnati Laser is a trusted brand of laser cutting machines designed and manufactured by Cincinnati Incorporated. If you’re looking to accomplish intricate and complex shapes with clean and precise edges the Cincinnati Laser is what you need.  These lasers are used for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

We buy used Cincinatti Press Brakes, Shears, and Lasers.  Upgrade or just sell your entire factoryContact Sterling Machinery Auctions.  We take the guess work out of the aggravation for you to sell your machine.  Sell to the experts, or ask us for the next best thing for your own factory. 

For all of your metal working needs and equipment the Cincinnati brand is the brand you should consider. Our 50,000 square foot showroom floor offers Press Brakes, Shears, and Lasers.  Here at Sterling machinery Exchange and Fabrication our knowledge is the key to the best machine for you.  Call NOW  (626) 444-0311
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