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Details to look for during new and used machinery inspection:
Tonnage capacity
Crankshaft diameter
Stroke of slide
Stroke adjustment
Width of opening in back
Distance between gibs
Dept of throat
Slide face area
Bed area
Bed opening
Dia. & depth recess for punch stem
Type press/ flywheel drive/ single geared/ dbl. geared
Type of clutch
Strokes per minute

Dial feed, tierods, gear guard, safety devices, stock feeder, scrap chopper, air cushions, bolster plate, dual controls, auto. lube, roll feed


*This is one article in a series of How to Buy Metalworking Equipment. Each article showcases and explains a particular type of metalworking machine. They were originally published in the Metalworking Machinery Mailer published by the Tade Publishing Group.