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44 Ton Brand New Baileigh 44 Ton 4 Station Ironworker, Mdl. SW-443, 44 Tons of Force, Welded Steel Plate Construction, Large Button Control Panel, Stations for 4 Main Functions, Oversize Tables with Adjustable Stops, Foot Pedal Punch Control, Material Hold Downs, Product Guides, Quick Release Punch & Die System, 0.75" Punch & Die, 220V / 3 Phase, CE & CSA Certified, Lifetime Technical Support by Telephone, #SMSW443

Brand New Baileigh 44 Ton 4 Station Ironworker

Stock No: #SMSW443
Manufacturer: Baileigh
Model: SW-443
Capacity: 44 Ton
Condition: New Machinery
Starting At:

Punching Pressure44 Tons
Punch Capacity0.75" x 0.625"
Diameter x Thickness1.5" x 0.375"
Throat Depth6.88"
Max. Stroke Length1.125"
Cycles Per Minute23
Working Height Up to Die42.32"
Flat Shearing
Flat Bar Shearing 7.87" x 5"
Width x Thickness13.77" x 0.25"
Blade Length13.87"
Angle Flange Trim3.14" x 0.393"
Working Height42.32"
Angle Shearing
At 90 Degree Shearing3" x 3" x 0.25"
Working Height40"
Bar Shearing
Round Bar Shear1.125"
Square Bar Shear1" x 1"
Working Height44.88"
Power Requirements5 H.P.
Voltage220V / 3-Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H)44" x 22" x 59"
Weight1320 lbs
Warranty1 Year
44 Tons of Force
Welded Steel Plate Construction
Large Button Control Panel
Stations for 4 Main Functions
Oversize Tables with Adjustable Stops
Foot Pedal Punch Control
Material Hold Downs
Product Guides
Quick Release Punch & Die System
0.75" Punch & Die
220V / 3 Phase
CE & CSA Certified
Lifetime Technical Support by Telephone
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