400 Ton x 30' Used Cincinnati CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (20' Between Housings) (SPECIAL PRICE- MUST MOVE), Mdl. 400H, Automec Autogauge CNC 99 Control With CNC Back Gauge And CNC Ram, (3) Electric Foot Pedals, Die Rail, #A4831 (Located in North Carolina)

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Cincinnati, Inc
400 Ton x 30'
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Overall Bending Length
Open Height
Closed Height
Ram Speeds
Fast Press
Full Tonnage Press
Return Speed
40 H.P.
Shipping Dimensions
2 Legal loads and 1 load 55,000#
Automec Autogauge CNC 99 Control With CNC Back Gauge And CNC Ram
(3) Electric Foot Pedals
Die Rail

Additional Information

Why Buying a 400 Ton X 30' CNC Hydraulic Press Brake Is the Best Choice for Your Business


Are you looking for a powerful and efficient way to bend different types of materials? Investing in a 400 ton x 30' CNC hydraulic press brake is the perfect solution. A press brake is used to form metal and other materials into desired shapes through pressing them with a die set. Here are some of the benefits of buying a 400 ton x 30' CNC hydraulic press brake:


Precision and Accuracy

The main advantage of using a CNC hydraulic press brake is its precision and accuracy. This type of machine is highly accurate due to its computer numerical control (CNC) system that uses digital instructions to accurately move the press brake’s ram up and down, bending material as required. As such, it can be used in applications that require exacting results, such as aerospace manufacturing or automotive production. Plus, this machine features an adjustable back gauge which allows users to precisely adjust the position of the material being bent, resulting in superior material forming capabilities.


A 400 ton x 30’ CNC hydraulic press brake can handle large-scale projects requiring thick materials that need high bending forces. The machine’s sturdy construction includes heavy-duty frames made from steel or stainless steel, ensuring durability even with prolonged use under tough circumstances. With its robust construction and reliable operation, this type of machine promises years of service even under conditions where other machines may fail.


Aside from its reliability, durability, and accuracy, another great advantage of purchasing a 400 ton x 30' CNC hydraulic press brake is cost-effectiveness. This type of machine benefits from low maintenance costs since most parts are designed to last longer than those used on traditional manual machines. Additionally, this type of machine requires minimal labor input since most processes are automated by the on-board computer—so businesses don't have to worry about hiring more employees or training staff with specialized skillsets just to operate it properly. Finally, because these machines have no manual components that wear out quicker than their electronic counterparts they often have extended lifespans—meaning businesses save time and money over time due to fewer repairs or replacements being needed over time.

In conclusion, investing in a 400 ton x 30' CNC hydraulic press brake will be an excellent choice for any business looking for power, precision and cost-effectiveness when it comes to forming metal or other materials into shapes. Its reliable construction ensures years of service while its automatic control systems lead to increased accuracy and productivity compared to manual machines—all leading to reduced costs in production overall!


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Cincinnati Incorporated Manufacturers the best CNC Press Brakes, Shears and Lasers in the USA.