Last Updated :Mon, Aug 21, 2017

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We're able to obtain brokers for Cross country and worldwide deliveries and only hire fully insured Flatbed Double Drops, Single Drops and Permitted Loads.

Make sure to get insurance, as this is not usually included. All machines come banded and strapped to a pallet unless instructed otherwise.
Crating is optional and comes at extra charge.
Loading docks or ramps are required! If you do not have one, inform the shipping company and there will more than likely be an extra charge.

- Important Note -
Make sure to inspect all equipment deliveries for damages or problems.
If any are present, mark them on bill of lading and inform driver.

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Sterling Machinery Exchange can help you with shipping worldwide. We ship daily and can get amazing shipping rates to make your purchase easier

Please let us know your information and we can find out the cost to your door!
Types of Trucking We Offer:

The Full Truckload Advantage encompasses a comprehensive, end-to-end range of cargo transit and logistics solutions, backed by cutting-edge shipping analytic and monitoring technology.
  • Reduced Cost Per Unit
  • Shortened Transit Times
  • Fewer Damages
  • Dedicated Capacity
  • More Cargo Insurance
  • Thousands of Carriers to Choose From
  • ail or Rubber Tire Option