The 8 Ton x 12″ Used Hannifin Hydraulic Press

In the realm of industrial machinery, precision and power converge to define the efficiency of operations. One such marvel is the 8 Ton x 12″ Used Hannifin Hydraulic Press, a testament to engineering excellence. In this blog post, we delve into the intricacies of this machinery, exploring its specifications, capabilities, and the value it brings to manufacturing processes.
Model: OGF8B-8-2-2-PB6
Manufacturer: Hannifin
Capacity: 8 Ton x 12″
Serial Number: 5805-4
Condition: Used
Stock No: #7016
Website: Sterling Machinery

Detailed Specifications:
Daylight: 17″
Type: C-Frame
Horsepower: 7.5 H.P.
Dimension (W x L x H): 39″ x 41″ x 92″
Weight (lbs.): 3,500 lbs.

Unique Features:

Dual Palm Control:
The Hannifin Hydraulic Press is equipped with a dual palm control system, ensuring enhanced safety and precision during operation. This feature empowers operators with control over the press, promoting a secure working environment.

Pressure Gauge:
A built-in pressure gauge provides real-time monitoring of the force applied during pressing operations. This not only adds a layer of control but also contributes to the accuracy and repeatability of the manufacturing process.

Air Oil Cooler:
Efficiency is the hallmark of this hydraulic press, thanks to the integrated air oil cooler. This feature regulates the temperature of the hydraulic fluid, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent performance even during prolonged usage.

Oil Filter:
Maintenance is streamlined with the inclusion of an oil filter. This component helps keep the hydraulic fluid free from contaminants, extending the lifespan of the press and minimising the risk of operational issues.

In-Depth Analysis:
The C-Frame design of the press allows for versatile applications, accommodating a range of materials and forming processes. With a daylight of 17″, it provides ample space for intricate operations and facilitates easy tooling changes

Powered by a robust 7.5 H.P. motor, this hydraulic press stands ready for heavy-duty tasks. Its dimensions of 39″ x 41″ x 92″ strike a balance between a compact footprint and a substantial work envelope. Weighing in at 3,500 lbs., it ensures stability during operation, minimising vibrations and maximising accuracy.

Application and Value:

The Hannifin Hydraulic Press, with its 8-ton capacity and 12″ stroke, finds its place in various industries, from metal forming to assembly processes. Its adaptability and precision make it an invaluable asset for manufacturers seeking reliability and efficiency in their production lines.

In the world of industrial machinery, the 8 Ton x 12″ Used Hannifin Hydraulic Press stands as a symbol of innovation and reliability. From its dual palm control for enhanced safety to the air oil cooler ensuring consistent performance, every feature is meticulously designed to elevate manufacturing processes. Acquiring this press from Sterling Machinery opens doors to a new era of precision and power in your operations.

To View the specifications, photos and a video of this machine click here!

Used Hannifin Hydraulic Press

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