The Poreba TR100-B1 Heavy-Duty Gap Bed Engine Lathe

In the realm of heavy-duty machining, where precision meets power, the Poreba TR100-B1 stands tall as a beacon of reliability and performance. At Sterling Machinery, we take pride in offering this exceptional piece of engineering—a 42″/49″ x 172″ used Poreba Heavy Duty Gap Bed Engine Lathe (Stock No: #A4749). Let’s delve into the intricate details of this impressive machinery, designed to meet the demands of industrial precision and efficiency.

Technical Specifications:
Manufacturer: Poreba
Model: TR100-B1
Capacity: 42″/49″ x 172″
Serial Number: HRC46-50, 1191-181
Condition: Used

Key Specifications:
Spindle Nose: A1 – 11
Cross Slide Travel: 23-1/2″
Spindle Speeds: 21, ranging from 6.3 to 630 RPM
Hole Thru Spindle: 4-3/4″
Distance Between Centers: 172″
Swing Over Cross Slide: 26-3/4″
Swing in Gap: 49″
Top Slide Travel: 19″
Metric Threads: 1 – 120 MM (62 options)
Inch Threads: 1/2 – 60 TPI (61 options)
Horsepower: [Insert Horsepower]
Dimensions (L x W x H): 21′ x 100″ x 79″
Weight: 39,000 LBS
Cross: 0.0017 – 0.200 IPR (70 options)
Top Slide: 0.0008 – 0.100 IPR (70 options)
Longitudinal: 0.0035 – 0.400 IPR (70 options)

Equipped With:
Spindle Nose 4-3/4″
Work Light
Steady Rest
Digital Readout
Taper Attachment
31″ 4 Jaw Chuck
Rapid Traverse on Carriage, Cross Slide, Top Slide
Tool Post
Live Center

The Poreba TR100-B1 is a heavyweight champion in the realm of engine lathes, designed to handle large-scale machining tasks with unparalleled precision. Its robust construction and impressive specifications make it a go-to choice for industries where accuracy and reliability are non-negotiable.

Precision Redefined:
The spindle nose A1 – 11 and the 4-3/4″ hole thru spindle showcase the machine’s capability to handle large workpieces with ease. The 172″ distance between centers provides ample space for intricate and extended machining operations, ensuring a high level of accuracy and consistency.

Versatility in Threads:
With a wide range of metric and inch threads to choose from, the Poreba TR100-B1 caters to diverse threading requirements. Whether it’s fine-tuning for precision components or handling coarse threads for heavy-duty applications, this lathe delivers exceptional flexibility.

Powerful Performance:
The spindle speeds ranging from 6.3 to 630 RPM, coupled with the substantial horsepower, empower the TR100-B1 to tackle a variety of materials and machining processes. This machine is built to deliver optimal performance across a spectrum of industrial applications.

Smart Features for Efficiency:
Equipped with a digital readout, the lathe ensures accurate measurements, contributing to increased productivity and reduced error margins. The inclusion of a steady rest, taper attachment, 31″ 4 Jaw Chuck, and a work light further enhances the machine’s versatility and usability.

User-Friendly Operation:
The Poreba TR100-B1 is designed with the operator in mind. The rapid traverse feature on the carriage, cross slide, and top slide streamlines the machining process, saving valuable time and effort. The tool post and live center add to the machine’s user-friendly nature, allowing for efficient tool changes and setup adjustments.

In the world of heavy-duty machining, the Poreba TR100-B1 stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Its robust construction, precise specifications, and smart features make it a valuable asset for industries seeking uncompromising performance. At Sterling Machinery, we are proud to offer this used Poreba Heavy Duty Gap Bed Engine Lathe (#A4749), ready to elevate your machining capabilities to new heights. Visit our website to explore this and other machinery that defines the pinnacle of industrial craftsmanship.

To View the specifications, photos and a video of this machine click here!

Used Poreba Heavy Duty Gap Bed Engine Lathe

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