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12" x 24" Used SuperTec Universal Cylindrical Grinder, Mdl. G32P-60NC, 7.5 H.P. Spindle Motor on Wheelhead, Cartridge Type Spindle on Wheelhead, Grinding Wheel with Flange, One V & One Flat Guideway on Wheelhead, Table Dial Guage, Carbide Tip Centers, Splash Guard, Leveling Screws with Blocks, Balancing Arbor, Diamond Dresser (fixed on table), Wheel Extractor, Automatic lubrication system, Coolant System, Swivel Table with Dial Indicator, Year (2014) #A5495

Used SuperTec Universal Cylindrical Grinder

Stock No: #A5495
Manufacturer: Supertec
Model: G32P-60NC
Capacity: 12" x 24"
Serial Number: GC14010
Condition: Used
Starting At:

Distance Between Centers24"
Swing Over Table12.6"
Max. Grinding Diameter12"
Max. Load Held Between Centers330 lbs
Wheel Head
Hand Feed Travel7.8"
Auto Incremental Infeed (CII)0.0001" ~ 0.0999"
Hand Wheel per Division0.0002"
Hand Wheel per Revolution0.08"
Infeed Travel9.6"
Top Slide Sliding Travel7"
Swivel Angle+/- 30°
Automatic Rapid Travel1.75"
Grinding Wheel
Diameter x Width x Bore16" x 2" x 5"
Grinding Wheel Speed1650 RPM
Swivel Angle+/- 9°
Traverse Speed1.2" ~ 275"/minute
Hand Wheel per Revolution0.39"
Work Head
Swivel Angle90°
Center TaperMT 4
Spindle Speed30 ~ 350 RPM
Quill Travel1"
Internal Grinding Spindle
Spindle Speed18,000 RPM or 25,000 RPM
Max. Grinding Bore4.33" or 2.17"
Max. Chucking Length8" ~ 12.4"
Max. Chucking Diameter6"
Wheel Spindle7.5 H.P.
Work Head2 H.P.
Hydraulic Pump2 H.P.
Coolant Pump0.25 H.P.
Internal Grinder2 H.P.
Dimensions (L x W x H)119" x 90" x 79"
Weight9460 lbs
7.5 H.P. Spindle Motor on Wheelhead
Cartridge Type Spindle on Wheelhead
Grinding Wheel with Flange
One V & One Flat Guideway on Wheelhead
Table Dial Guage
Carbide Tip Centers
Splash Guard
Leveling Screws with Blocks
Balancing Arbor
Diamond Dresser (fixed on table)
Wheel Extractor
Automatic lubrication system
Coolant System
Swivel Table with Dial Indicator
Mitsubishi PLC Controller

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