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365 Volts Used Hughes Tig Welder (For Very Small Welding), Mdl. VTW-29C, Electrode heater Model# HMT-540-B, Desk and Tooling, #A6790

Used Hughes Tig Welder (For Very Small Welding)

Stock No: #A6790
Manufacturer: Hughes
Model: VTW-29C
Capacity: 365 Volts
Condition: Used
Starting At:
Capacitor Bank 600 Microfarads (450 volt capacitor)
Capacitor Storage35-365 Volts
Energy Storage two ranges: .5-5 Watt Sec. &.5-40 watt sec.
Output Voltage 1-15 Volts Peak
Pulse Width One Milliseconds with Average Load
Weld Speed 60 welds per minute at maximum output 120 Welds per minute at minimum out put
Input Power 105-125 volts AC SIngle phase. 50-60 cycle 5 Ampere Maximium RMS line current demand
Dimensions12 1/2" 8 1/2" wide x 11" deep
Ventilation Louvered Cabinet - Cooling by self contained blower
Voltage Regulation Stored energy will remain within +- 1% with a +- 10% change in line voltage input
Remote Heat control ALl VTW-29C models incorporate a plug jack receptacle in the back of the cabinet for use with multiple pushbutton or automatic secuential program controllers
Electrode heater Model# HMT-540-B
Desk and Tooling

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