New and Used W.F. Wells Horizontal Bandsaws- Dual Post Bandsaw, Semi and Automatic Horiontal Bandsaws for sale.

The finest Bandsaws are made in USA by W.F. Wells manufacturing formed in 1925.  The first Wells model #4 was developed in 1928.  It was a horizonal metal cutting bandsaw.  Later the Wells model #8 was developed, and is still in production today with a new name, the Wellsaw Model #1016.   Other popular models for sale are the W-9-1 Dual Post bandsaw that has a 9” x 17” capacity.  WF Wells has some of the largest Bandsaws for sale in the world.  The P-50-3 boasts a 50” x 50” cutting capacity.
A bandsaw cuts metal, but it also cuts products such as glass, ceramics, graphite wooden products and crystals.
WF Wells builds a bandsaw that will work with high accuracy cutting thru the toughest of materials using components of the highest quality. Check with Sterling Machinery Exchange to find the bandsaw you need that is available for your application.  Special application bandsaws are available as well. Call and speak with an expert 626-444-0311.
W.F. Wells continues to manufacture new and used bandsaws here in the United States. The hinge type saws, the automatic, and semi automatic saws are all manufactured here in America. WF Wells manufactures twin post, semi automatic and CNC fully automatic horizontal cutting bandsaws.  If you are looking for a fully automatic W.F. Wells that will raise and lower the head, open and close the vises and advance the material, they have the best saw for you.  Parts are still available even for the oldest of saws produced back in the 1940’s!
For the best selection and prices on bandsaws talk to the experts at Sterling Machinery Exchange on both new and used bandsaws.