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DoALL is a popular manufacture of several brands of Industrial Sawing Machines, aka Bandsaws offering state of the art sawing solutions for over 90 years. DoAll saws are used for several different cutting applications most commonly industrial metal cutting of Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Pipe, Tube, Bar, Solids and more. The DoAll bandsaws are known for their durability and precision in cutting a wide range of materials delivering precise and efficient cutting performance along with user-friendly operation.  

There are many advantages to working with Sterling Machinery Exchange and fabrication if you are looking for a DoAll Saw. We offer expert knowledge and can easily explain the differences to meet your specifications.  We did the work for you finding the best in DoAll saws. 

Advantages of using DoAll saws :

Versatility: Band saws can cut all types of materials including metal, ferrous and non-ferrous materials, plastics,castings, and wood.

Performance: Industrial band saws are known for their rapid cutting speeds, visibility and depth of cutting. DoAll saws are superior in straight cuts.

Safety:  The DoAll saw cuts in a downward direction. Keeping the workpieces securely in place on the table minimizes the risk of injury.

Precision: DoAll saws have thin blades for more precise cuts. 

Waste reduction: Because of the design of narrow blades, the metal band saws produce a smaller cut thickness, resulting in less chips.


What type of Doall bandsaw do you need?

  1. Horizontal Bandsaws: These saws have a horizontal cutting blade that moves in a straight line to cut through materials. They are commonly used for cutting metal, plastics, and other materials in industrial settings. Best for large materials that need miter cutting.
  2. Vertical bandsaws have a vertical cutting blade that moves up and down to make cuts. This allows for the material to be advanced while the head moved up and down to cut. Many have manual or hydraulic vises to hold the material in place.
  3. Double miter bandsaws are designed to make angled miter cuts in two directions simultaneously. They can cut materials at different angles, allowing for precise and efficient cutting of materials.
  4. Automatic bandsaws are equipped with automatic feeding and cutting mechanisms. They can automatically feed the material, make the cut and repeat the process without manual intervention, improving productivity and efficiency.
  5. Semi-automatic bandsaws have features that automate some aspects of the cutting process but still require manual intervention for feeding the material or positioning the cut. The head will advance and retract at each point that the limits are set.
  6. (Computer Numerical Control) CNC bandsaws are equipped with computer-controlled systems that allow for precise and programmable cutting operations. They offer high accuracy and repeatability and can handle complex cuts.


Note: The "M" in the model name typically indicates that it is a manual saw, meaning the cutting process is controlled by the operator.

The "S" in the model name usually indicates that it is a semi-automatic saw. This means that while the cutting process is still controlled by the operator, the saw may have automated features such as hydraulic clamping and automatic descent.

  1. DoAll C-916M: The C-916M is a horizontal band saw designed for metal cutting applications. It features a large cutting capacity and a hydraulic control system for smooth operation
  2. DoAll C-916S: Similar to the C-916M, the C-916S is also a horizontal band saw used for metal cutting
  3. DoAll 400S: The 400S is a vertical band saw designed for cutting various materials such as wood, metal, and plastics. It features a vertical blade orientation and is commonly used in woodworking and metalworking shops.
  4. DC-280NC is a horizontal dual-column band saw with numerical control (NC) capabilities. It combines the precision of computer numerical control (CNC) with the power and capacity of a horizontal saw. The numerical control system allows for automated and programmable cutting operations.
  5. DC-330NC: Similar to the DC-280NC, the DC-330NC is a horizontal dual-column band saw with numerical control. It offers similar features and capabilities but may have a different size or cutting capacity compared to the DC-280NC.
  6. DC-330SA is another model of a horizontal dual-column band saw, but it is a semi-automatic version. This means that it combines manual control with automated functions like hydraulic clamping and automatic material feed.
  7. 500-SNC is a large, heavy-duty vertical band saw with numerical control capabilities. It is designed for cutting a wide range of materials and offers the precision and programmability of CNC technology.
  8. DS-500SA is a dual-swivel miter cutting band saw. It is used for making angled cuts and mitered cuts on various materials. The saw head can swivel both left and right, allowing for precise and versatile cutting operations.

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