Last Updated :Thu, Apr 09, 2020

22 Ton x 4' Brand New U.S. Industrial Hydraulic Press Brake with Simple CNC for Back Gauge & Ram Programming, Mdl. USHB22-4S, Simple CNC Control is CODE Only with Touch Screen Input. Allows 2-Axis Programming., Power Front Operated Back Gauge, Motorized with Fine Adjustment Hand Wheel, Power Ram Depth Control, Motorized with Fine Adjustment Hand Wheel, Digital Displays for Back Gauge & Ram Positions, SICK de Tec2 Core Light Curtain, Ram Accepts Standard American Tang Tooling, 1/2" x 5/8", Space Between Ram Tool Clamps Allows For Deep Box Bending, Bed Has Slot For Standard American Tang Tooling, Bed has Capture Clamps for Tooling Without Tang, Free Gooseneck Punch & Multi-Opening Die for Up To 90 Degree Forming in 10 Ga. Mild Steel, All Steel Construction, #SMUSHB224S
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