Last Updated :Tue, Jan 25, 2022

200 Ton x 20` Brand New Standard Hydraulic Press Brakes "American Made" 200 Tons Forming 135 Tons Punching, Mdl. AB200-20, Standard Industrial is 100% Owned, Operated and Manufactured In The U.S.A., Unheard of Factory and Dealer Service and Support, Full-Tonnage Throughout Stroke, Typical 30+ Year Lifetime, Plus a Lifetime of Parts and Service Availability, Solid, Non-Moveable Lower Beam Substantially More Rigid Than "Bed Level" press Brakes, ± 0.001" Ram Repeatability, Off-center loading Capability, The Most Heavy Duty Press Brake Built In The U.S.A., Extremely Heavy-Duty lower beams allowing the least amount of deflection. Less Deflection = Longer Tool Life = More Profitability., #SMAB20020
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