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28" x 120" Brand New Lagun Heavy Duty CNC Precision Lathe, Mdl. LS-28120, 20 HP Main Motor, 4.13" D1-11 Spindle Bore, 2 Dead Centers & Center Sleeve, Leveling Pads, Chuck Guard with Limit Switch, Tools, Square Tool Post, Coolant Pump & Piping, Work Light, Instruction Manual & Parts List, Hardened & Ground Bed Ways, Automatic Forced Lubrication System, Meehanite Casting, Mechanical Foot Brake, Full Length, Push Button Jog of Spindle, 5 Position Production Length Carriage Stop, T Slotted Compound, Spindle Nose 4-13/100", #SMLS28120

Brand New Lagun Heavy Duty CNC Precision Lathe

Stock No: #SMLS28120
Manufacturer: Lagun
Model: LS-28120
Capacity: 28" x 120"
Condition: New
Starting At:

Overall Capacity28" x 120"
Swing Over Bed28.75"
Swing Over Cross Slide20"
Swing Through Gap 40"
Gap Length12"
Bed Width18-1/8"
Center Distance60" to 280"
Spindle MT#5
Spindle Nose4.13", D1-11
Spindle Speeds12 Steps, 15 to 1000 rpm
Spindle Speed Range.
Low15-25-40-55 rpm
Medium70-115-160-230 rpm
High340-550-780-1000 rpm
Cross Slide Travel16.50"
Compound Travel10"
Thread & Feed.
Leadscrew Diameter1.75" x 2 tpi
Inch Thread Number & Range 36 e/a from 2 to 28 tpi
D.P. Threads Number & Range36 e/a from 4 to 56 D.P.
Metric Threads Number & Range38 e/a from 0.8 to 14mm
Module Peach Threads24 e/a from 0.5 to 7 M.P.
Longitudinal Feed Range0.002 to 0.0276 IPR
Cross Feed Range0.001 to 0.0136 IPR
Quill Diameter4"
Center TaperMT #6
Quill Traverse9"
Quill Hand Feed Ratio(2 Speed) 1:1 & 4:1
Coolant Pump Motor0.25 HP
Horsepower20 HP
Dimension (L x W x H).
Weight14,520 lbs
20 HP Main Motor
4.13" D1-11 Spindle Bore
2 Dead Centers & Center Sleeve
Leveling Pads
Chuck Guard with Limit Switch
Square Tool Post
Coolant Pump & Piping
Work Light
Instruction Manual & Parts List
Hardened & Ground Bed Ways
Automatic Forced Lubrication System
Meehanite Casting
Mechanical Foot Brake, Full Length
Push Button Jog of Spindle
5 Position Production Length Carriage Stop
T Slotted Compound
Spindle Nose 4-13/100"

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