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6000 Watts Brand New Nukon CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Mdl. NF PRO VENTO 420, CNC Control Unit, Cutting Head, Suction System, Resonator, Hydraulic Blocks, Sheet Holder, Signal Lamp, Filter For Exhaust Gases, Rack Pinion, QBH Cable Entry For Laser Beam, Extended Protective Glass For Ray Efficiency, Colimation Module With Automatic Adjustment Of Focus Position, Enhanced Safety Cartridge Cover, Developed With Ceramic Adapter, Crust Reduction Control, Blow Piercing, Head Retraction Method, Lateral Air Blowing System, 3rd & 4th Super High-Pressure Gas Line, Adjustable via CNC, Installation, Training (4 Days), Nozzle Cleaning, Radan CAD/CAM-System, Dust Separator System, Training For The CAD/CAM System (3 Days), Automatic Nozzle Changer, Linear Drives, Pipe Cutting, Automation: Load/Unload Station, #SMNFPROVENTO420

Brand New Nukon CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: Nukon
Model: NF PRO VENTO 420
Capacity: 6000 Watts
Condition: New
Section 179
Starting At:

Nozzle Cleaning
Radan CAD/CAM-System
Dust Separator System
Training For The CAD/CAM System (3 Days)
Automatic Nozzle Changer
Linear Drives
Pipe Cutting
Automation: Load/Unload Station
CNC Control Unit
Cutting Head
Suction System
Hydraulic Blocks
Sheet Holder
Signal Lamp
Filter For Exhaust Gases
Rack Pinion
QBH Cable Entry For Laser Beam
Extended Protective Glass For Ray Efficiency
Colimation Module With Automatic Adjustment Of Focus Position
Enhanced Safety Cartridge Cover
Developed With Ceramic Adapter
Crust Reduction Control
Blow Piercing
Head Retraction Method
Lateral Air Blowing System
3rd & 4th Super High-Pressure Gas Line, Adjustable via CNC
Training (4 Days)

Additional information:

NUKON US is an American Based Company Dedicated to supporting the North American Market.

We believe that supporting a market takes serious effort and commitment. At NUKON US we are dedicated to that commitment by offering our partners a 24 month warranty, advanced operator training, annual maintenance training, a strong user network and the opportunity to be trained by our service techs to perform work on your machine. We believe that training our partners properly over time to not only operate but maintain their investment is a great way to insure our success. We also believe that by providing a strong user network we allow everyone to learn faster by providing a cooperative effort for growth and success in a very demanding market place.

We are certain, if given the opportunity; that every NUKON machine you buy will be a big part of your company’s future success.

We invite you to be a part of the NUKON family. Help us in our mission to reshape the future!


Fiber laser cutting Machine is turning over a new leaf in the sheet metal processing technology. Nukon fiber laser cutting system is manufactured to meet the demands of fast, high-evolving industry. This machine is manufactured in a flexible design by NUKON’s engineers.

• The machine can be custom manufactured for dimensions.
• Resonator contains a modular structure (example: after a while you used 1 kw laser and you wanted to change it with 2kw laser. You just need to add new modules.)
• The laser beam is transmitted to the cutting head with a flexible fiber optic cable without quality degradation. By this means, an excellent cutting quality is obtained all over the cutting area.

• Easy to use, operator friendly cutting head.
• It is user and environment friendly with its low energy consumption. For instance, the total energy consumption for 2kw laser is 20kw.
• Mechanically robust and rigid body.
• Conveyor system for discharging slags and materials.
• Auto dual pallet exhange hydraulic table system.
• Includes lighting system.


High process productivity
  • High processing speeds up to 20m/min for vertical movements.High accelerations up to 6 g
  • Very fast capacitive height sensing (100 µsec update cycle)
  • Machine controlled dynamic focus adjusment
  • Rugged mechanical design
  • Consumable exchange
  • Focus- nozzle centration
      Long consumable life time
  • Long stand- off of focusing lens and cover silOdak lens ve koruyucu cam ile iş parçası arasında 120 mm den fazla mesafe

  • Long stand-off of focusing lens and cover slide from work piece (>>120 mm)
       Preventing contamination of optical surfaces
  • Sealed optical system
  • Optional cover slide in front of collimation
  • Cover slide monitoring 

                         Adjustment of focus position

  Adjustment of focus diameter

                  POWER SYSTEM

Fiber Laser, major breakthrough in today's technology with outstanding reliability and high quality of light, has countless advantages.

  • High output power and focus
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Flexible and durable fiber cable
  • 100,000 hour diode life
  • Low cooling requirements
  • 2 times faster cutting for thinner materials of thin materials.


                  RADAN CAD/ CAM SOFTWARE



  • CNC profiling for your existing CAD Solution
 Essential Profile provides the perfect CAM solution if you are planning to utilise your current CAD investment. It cost effectively provides your operators with the market- leading Radan CAM solution they require to reduce lead times and optimise your lasers, plasmas, water jets and flame cutting machines.
    • Seamless programming

    Essential Profile seamlessly integrates the whole programming procces from part nesting, cut path profiling, sequencing, code generation and finally DNC connectivity to the machine controller.

    • Accuracy and consistency
     Material specific lead-ins, lead-outs, tagging, machine tool specific cutting technology data and material nesting characteristics are stored in the Manufacturing Database (MDB) in readiness for instantaneous distribution when required to assist an operator or automated procces.
    • Efficiency is everything

    A machine tool is only as efficient as the software driving it, so that is why we personally install every Radan post processor to ensure that it is commisioned to match your machine tool and controller. It is your production efficiency that itis controlling, and thatis why your software is important to us.





                       LANTEK EXPERT CUT 



    • Lantek Expert Cut is a CAD/CAM system specially designed to automate programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy- cut, plasma, laser and water jet.) I ars experience and close collaboration with both manufactures and users of this type of machine
    • Nesting: Semi- automatic and manuel nesting provide great flexibility and optimum performance. The perfect combination of automatic and semiautomatic nesting along with powerful manuel nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, etc. The automatic nesting of Lantek Expert optimizes the utilization of parts on any sheet remnant.
    • Technology: Lantek Expert Cut allows configuration and management of the type and value of lead-in/lead-out for different types of contours. It is possible to common cut between different parts or limit to pairs of parts (with micro-joints and pre-cuts.) It detects any errors in the desing and machining
    • Laser Techology: Lantek Expert Cut provides specific laser technology tables for each type of machine; management of reduced lead in/lead-out with runback; personalized piercing; fast piercing; sprint- laser; flying cut; micro- welds; micro-joints; head management; contour attributes; automatic and manual extractions.
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