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1000 Watts Brand New Nukon CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, Mdl. ECO S-Line PRO 315 1K, CNC Control Unit, Cutting Head, Suction System, Resonator, Hydraulic Blocks, Sheet Holder, Signal Lamp, Filter For Exhaust Gases, Rack Pinion, QBH Cable Entry For Laser Beam, Extended Protective Glass For Ray Efficiency, Colimation Module With Automatic Adjustment Of Focus Position, Enhanced Safety Cartridge Cover, Developed With Ceramic Adapter, Crust Reduction Control, Blow Piercing, Head Retraction Method, Lateral Air Blowing System, 3rd & 4th Super High-Pressure Gas Line, Adjustable via CNC, Rear of Machine Comtrols, Nozzle Cleaning, Dust Filtration System (Without Connection Material), Gas & Air Cabinet, Installation, Training (4 Days), #SMECOSLINEPRO3151K

Brand New Nukon CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Manufacturer: Nukon
Model: ECO S-Line PRO 315 1K
Capacity: 1000 Watts
Condition: New
Starting At:

Capacity1000 Watts
Cutting Capacities
Mild Steel.315"
Stainless Steel.157"
Galvanized Steel.098"
Laser Source IPG100,000 Hours
Maximum Output2,000 Watts
Output Stability+/- 2 Percent
Pulse Mode
Frequency5 - 2,000 Hz
Power0-100 Percent
Laser Fiber Diameter0.00393"
Beam ModeDirect
Laser SafetyMechanical Safety Valve
Cooling Water Flow Rate40 l/min
Maximum Worksheet Size60" x 120"
Maximum Load Weight2,200 Lbs.
Number of Controlled Axes4 Axis (X,Y,W,Z)
Maximum Speed4,724"/min
X,Y,Z Axis with Servo Motor1G
Positioning Accuracy+/-.001965"
Pallet Changer Table & Cycle Time2 pcs./ 15 sec
Cutting Gases
SteelOxygen (0.1 - 6 Bar)
Stainless SteelNitrogen (0.2 - 20 Bar)
AluminumDry Air or Nitrogen (0.2 - 20 Bar)
Cutting Head Features
CNC Features
NamePA 8,000
CNC Control UnitIntel Celeron 2 GHZ (Or Better)
Control of Operating SystemAdvance Reader System
Controller Axis4 Axis: Y(Y,W),X, Z
Minimum Value of The Correction0.001
Programming VersionCode Program System & ISO/EIA
Input Ports
StorageHard Disk: 80 GB; Program Memory Capacity 20GB
Lan PortLan Port (External Connection RJUS-10/100)
Display19" TFT, Touch Screen
Servo SystemDigital
PositioningAbsolute Encoder
Parallel PortLPT
Optical System
Focus Length6"
Increment/Focus Length
BIMO-FSC Manual Focus Set Up.059"/6"
BIMO-FSC Automatic Focus Length Set Up.059"/6", .07"/7.8"
BIMO-FSC Automatic Focus Length and Diameter Control.04"-.12"/6", .062"-.16"/6"
Maximum Laser Power6000 Watts
Maximum Beam Parameter Acceptance (Half Angle) of Laser Light Exiting Fiber97 Percent Power Content Within 125 MRAD
Wave Length1,025 - 1,080 NM
Omission>97 Percent @ 1,064 NM
Diameter of The Fiber.0000393" - .0393" (Standard)
Laser Light Cable ReceiverHIGHYAG LLK-HP (LLK-B), LLK-Auto (LLK-D), QBH
Diameter0.029" - 0.11"
X & Y Setting+/- 0.039"
Focus To Nozzle Position Range
BIMO-FSC With Motorized Z Focus Position0.19" In Head Direction - 0.19" In Work Piece Direction
Distance Measuring Module FJB
Calibration Range0.0039" - 0.787"
Output Signal0 - 10 V (Distance)
Response Time<1 msec
ElectricityDC 24V, 8 Amp, (BIMO-FSC With Motorized Z Focus Position and Diameter)
Pneumatic0.2 MPa
Pressure Of The GasUntil 2.5 MPa
GasActive Inert Gas
CoolingFlow Rate 2 l/min, Temperature 15-35 Degree Celsius
PLC/Field Bus SystemHard Wired
Cutting Head Dimensions
BIMO-FSC With Beam Bending Module 0 Degrees5.3" x 4.5" x 17.3" (WxDxH)
BIMO-FSC With Beam Bending Module 90 Degrees13.4" x 4.5" x 15.3" (WxDxH)
Weight14 Lbs.
Horsepower17 H.P.
Weight (Machine)25,000 Lbs.
Rear of Machine Comtrols
Dust Filtration System (Without Connection Material)
Gas & Air Cabinet
CNC Control Unit
Cutting Head
Suction System
Hydraulic Blocks
Sheet Holder
Signal Lamp
Filter For Exhaust Gases
Rack Pinion
QBH Cable Entry For Laser Beam
Extended Protective Glass For Ray Efficiency
Colimation Module With Automatic Adjustment Of Focus Position
Enhanced Safety Cartridge Cover
Developed With Ceramic Adapter
Crust Reduction Control
Blow Piercing
Head Retraction Method
Lateral Air Blowing System
3rd & 4th Super High-Pressure Gas Line, Adjustable via CNC
Nozzle Cleaning
Training (4 Days)
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