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12" x 24" Brand New Chevalier Fully Automatic Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Mdl. FSG-3A1224, 3 Axis Fully Automatic Feed, Diamond Dresser with Diamond, Balancing Arbor, Leveling Screws, Nuts & Pads, Splash Guard & Nozzle, Hand scrapped Turcite-B used on Z- and Z-Axes, Auto Lubrication, Hydraulic System, One Grinding Wheel & Hub, Microdown Feed Device (0.0001"), Plunge Grinding Cycle, Tool Box & Tools, Operation Manual, #SMFSG3A1224

Brand New Chevalier Fully Automatic Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Stock No: #SMFSG3A1224
Manufacturer: Chevalier
Model: FSG-3A1224
Capacity: 12" x 24"
Condition: New
Section 179
Starting At:

Table Size12" x 24"
Max. Grinding Length24"
Max. Grinding Width12"
Max. Distance From Table Surface to Spindle Centerline24-3/4"
Longitudinal Movement of Table
Table Speed16 - 82 FPM
Rapid Travel56 FPM
Crossfeed Handwheel
Per Revolution0.2"
Per Graduation0.001"
Downfeed Handwheel
Per Graduation0.0005"
Per Revolution0.0001"
Power Rating (Horse Power)
Hydraulic Drive2 H.P.
Crossfeed Drive0.05 H.P.
Elevating Drive1/4 H.P.
Grinding Wheel Size (Dia. x Width x Bore)14" x 1.97" x 5"
Total Rated Power (H.P.)10 H.P.
Voltage230V ~ 3 Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H)107" x 72" x 80"
Weight4,700 Lbs.
Hand scrapped Turcite-B used on Z- and Z-Axes
Microdown Feed Device (0.0001")
Plunge Grinding Cycle
3 Axis Fully Automatic Feed
Diamond Dresser with Diamond
Balancing Arbor
Leveling Screws, Nuts & Pads
Splash Guard & Nozzle
Auto Lubrication
Hydraulic System
One Grinding Wheel & Hub
Tool Box & Tools
Operation Manual

Additional information:

Chevalier Machinery is the US branch company of Falcon Machine Tools, a Taiwanese-based machine tool manufacturer with branches and agents in Europe, the Middle East, Mainland China, South America and the U.S. Established in 1978. 

This series has been specially developed and improved in recent years

in order to continuously offer you reliable high performance precision

surface grinders. And as a guarantee of that reliability we offer one

year limited-warranty including parts for mechanical and electrical

components. The Double-V crossfeed guideway span has been designed

applying kinematics to calibrate minimum bending movements to achieve

maximum support capability for table and workpiece. All of high-grade

cast iron that is stress-relieved by annealing to ensure superior stability

and rigidity. An interlock has been placed between the electrical cabinet

door and power supply as an added safety feature. The maximum

distance from table surface to spindle centerline is 630mm(24.8") which

provides more space for grinding.

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