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Details to look for during new and used machinery inspection:
Swing over bed
Swing over cross slide
Width of bed
Spindle hole diameter
Spindle speeds
Type spindle nose
Cross slide travel
Longitudinal cross slide travel
Range of taper
Thread chasing pitch range
Maximum threading length
Turret tool hole sizes
Turret power feed range
Center of tool holes to top of slide
Size of hex turret across flats
Spindle to turret face distance

Bar feed, collet chuck, power brake, taper attachment, tap leading attachment, thread chasing, chuck power chick wrench, coolant, compound cross slide, cross sliding hex turret

*This is one article in a series of How to Buy Metalworking Equipment. Each article showcases and explains a particular type of metalworking machine. They were originally published in the Metalworking Machinery Mailer published by the Tade Publishing Group.