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90 Ton x 10' Brand New Cincinnati Proform CNC Hydraulic Press Brake, Mdl. 90PF+8, Optional Stroke Increased 6", Optional Throat 18", Presence Sensing Device Interface, Mute Indicator Light, 5 Axis CNC Backgauge 24" X-Axis, 2 Fast Setup 15" Work Supports with 4' of Track, 4 Additional Feet of Track on Supports, US/Euro Filler Block with Set Screws, UL 508A Listed Industrial Control Panel, Industrial PC-Based with Windows Operating System, 15" Color LCD Display With Touchscreen Interface, Graphical Tool Library with Pre-Loaded Tool Files, Dual .0002" Resolution Linear Encoders and Servo Proportional Valves Maintain Ram Repeatability to +.0004", Programmable Forming Speeds, Stroke Stops and Gauge Pause Time, Microcrown Bed Providing a Parallel Bed and Ram at two-thirds Machine Capacity, Ram Nose Incorporates a Double-Hooked Tongue Slot to Reverse Tools with Safety Tongues, Forming modes: Angle, Tonnage, Position, Absolute position, Angle/DTC, Quick Clamp 1/4" Turn Upper Tool Clamping, Interlocked Frame with Clevis Mounted Cylinders & Hardened Piston Rods, Hardened Linear Guides and Self-Lubricated Slide Liners, Full Length Dovetail Slot in Front and Back of Bed Top, Bed Machined for Angle Brackets, Foot Pedal, Dual Palm Control On Ram, Clevis-Mounted Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Oil and Oil Filters, Replacement Oil Filter, One Operation, Safety and Maintenance Manual (Red), #CD5095

Brand New Cincinnati Proform CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

brand new cincinnati proform cnc hydraulic press brake 90PF+8
Stock No: #CD5095
Manufacturer: Cincinnati, Inc
Model: 90PF+8
Capacity: 90 Ton x 10'
Condition: Used

Availability: Sold

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Additional information:

PROFORM+ Series Press Brake Details

The Proform+ has dual pressure transducers on its hydraulic cylinders for increased tonnage accuracy, and digital encoders to deliver ±0.0004” (0.01 mm) ram repeatability for close-tolerance forming and higher part quality. The press brake’s PC-based control is now bed-mounted to the machine with a swinging pendent arm mount, and has been upgraded to include a trackball and keyboard. An optional Wila crowning system compensates for bed and ram deflections during bending, and eliminates the costly trial-and-error approach used in traditional die shimming. Available Proform+ models include 90- to 350-ton capacity and overall bed lengths from eight to 16 ft.

The Proform+ includes numerous premium-engineering features that ensure reliable, long-lived operation. Clevis-mounted cylinders and centerline loading confine operating stress to the main housing, eliminating cylinder misalignment. The Machine’s Variable Volume Load Sensing (VVLS) hydraulic system lowers maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency. Hydraulic cylinders use hardened piston rods with precision guiding to minimize oil leaks, and the machine’s heavy plate frame is precision machined and rigidly interlocked – not welded – to better resist deflection for years of precision forming at maximum loading.

The Proform+'s powerful, PC-based control combines 3D graphics interface with simple touch-screen operation to speed setup and programming times, as well as optimize throughput. New part programs can be generated through manual data entry or by drawing the part in cross-section or flat pattern, and then selecting tooling and bend sequence. A special job setup page displays tool segment lengths and tool locations, as well as notes to improve part consistency.

The Proform+ is available with a variety of tool holders, filler blocks and clamps to accommodate most major tooling types, including American or European-style tooling. The new press brake includes a standard bolt-on manual quick clamp or optional bolt-on hydraulic clamps to accommodate major manufacturers’ die designs. Both clamps dramatically reduce setup time. An optional 5-axis backgage – with fast positioning speeds, flip backgage fingers with hardened dowel pins, 40-inch gage points and auto flange correction – handles a variety of complex parts. In addition to the new Wila crowning system, the Proform+ is also available with CINCINNATI’s Auto Crown, an automatic, hydraulically-powered crowning device that can produce angles within ±1/2° variation along the bend line.All Proform+ models have a quick-access emergency-stop button in the center of the operator station, with an additional palm button and footswitch available for two-operator jobs.

Hydraulic Press Brakes are designed to provide exceptional value through advanced technology and features unmatched in their class.


Faster cycling means more parts per hour. Fast Setup Rapid first time setup and quick changeover provide more time for forming parts.


Ram repeatability of ±0.001" (±0.025 mm) along the entire length of the press brake produces close-tolerance bends for higher part quality and lower final assembly costs.


Adjustable stroke length, full tonnage throughout the stroke and multiple forming speeds enable quick and efficient processing of a wide variety of jobs.


Proven design features provide maximum durability and minimum maintenance.


CINCINNATI Press Brakes meet applicable sections of the National Consensus Safety Standard, ANSI B11.3.

Preferential Service

CINCINNATI Preferential Service provides single-source responsibility for start-up, service and parts to help insure optimum performance and trouble-free operation.

Which Cincinnati Press Brake Model Is Best for You??

Cincinnati BASEFORM CNC Press Brake vs. PROFORM CNC Press Brake

Cincinnati's Newest brake and increasingly the fastest growning brake on the market today is the Cincinnati Baseform CNC Press Brake.  This brake is has a very competitive price structure as compared to other manufacturers in the New CNC Press Brake Marketplace such as Accurpress, JMT, Trumpf, Amada, Pacific and other similar high quality CNC Machines.  It has accuracy repeatability of +-.0004".  Baseform is a production machine for Cincinnati with more limited options than a Proform, Maxform, Autoform or Goform.  It has a 3 axis CNC Cincinnati Touchscreen control which is the same control across the board on the Cincinnati CNC Press Brake line.  This makes it easier to step into other Cincinnati press brakes as your machinery needs increase to a machine with larger stroke or other CNC Capabilities.  Another great option for your older Cincinnati brakes is you can upgrade your existing 1990's CBII, FMII or AF to the same control and have 100% commonality of controls including tool libraries and program files

Cincinnati PROFORM+ CNC Press Brake vs. MAXFORM CNC Press Brake

If you are looking for even more capabilities by way of Ultra High Speed as well as Accuracy +-.0002", please inquire about a MaxForm Cincinnati Press Brake.  
Cincinnati MaxForm Press Brakes can be customized to accomodate larger stroke, Auto Crowning, Hydraulic Clamping, Standard DTC "Dynamic Thickness Compensation"- Allows the brake to automatically on the fly measure the thickness of the material as it is bending to calculate the changes in reversal for air bending, Heavy Duty Backgauges and more!  It comes standard with a 5-axis gauge with optional 6-axis linear motor drive gauge allowing for the fastest CNC system on the market!

Cincinnati AUTOFORM+ CNC Press Brakes vs. MAXFORM CNC Press Brake

For the most customizable CNC press brake made by Cincinnati Inc. you should look at a Cincinnati AutoForm.  The Cincinnati AutoForm+ is absolutley customizable.  Cincinnati Inc. can install Special Horns on the machine for the aircraft industry forming or other special forming operations.  Accuracy is +-.0002" repeatability on the MaxForm opposed to the Autoform+ that has +-.0004" repeatability.  How long of a Stroke do you need?  Just let us know and Cincinnati can build to order.  If you are looking for a Tandem Press Brake for long pieces Autoform+ is your best choice!

Cincinnati Goform CNC High Accuracy, Small Parts Electric Press Brake Machine

This new technology uses servos to power the ram.  This allows for a super high accuracy 0.00002" and repeatablilty day in and day out.  It is completely electric and when it is between moves it is silent.  The GoForm is the perfect solution for small parts up to 1/4" thick and weigh less than 50 lbs.  It is a small low profile machine that is built ergonomically for a user to comfortably sit or stand at the machine.  
The Cincinnati GoForm Electric Press Brake has a electro-mechanical drive with satellite roller screws.  This machine also has one of the largest strokes available with a 10" stroke and 17" open height compared to only 4" with other competitors brakes.
Tooling, Tooling, Tooling, one of the best things about this brake is its adaptability of the tooling you are able to run with it.  US Tooling, US Self Seating, Wila, Trumpf and European is all accptable tooling for the GoForm.
The backgauge is a TRUE 6-axis gauge that moves at a incredable speed of 3,000 IPM.  The GoForm is also designed to be movable using a forklift to allow for easy work flow.

With such a diverse line of CNC Press brakes and equipment it is no wonder why Cincinnati inc. is still the leading manufactuer in the USA and has been for decades.  Don't miss out on a chance to buy the best machines on the market and call Sterling Machinery Exchange today.



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