New and Used CNC Hydraulic Press Brakes For Sale. 

What is the Best Hydraulic CNC Press Brake?

At Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication we can assist you to pinpoint your specific requirements and direct you to the right press brake for your industry needs. We offer an expansive stock of hydraulic press brakes with the most popular brands.  With our in house Repair, Electrical, Paint, and Expert Mechanics we will make sure the machine is fully functional and our machines come with a Certified Guarantee.  With both new and used press brakes on our floor you can make the decision that is right for your operation.  Hydraulic CNC Press brakes here at Sterling are ready to be seen and tested in our 50,000 square foot facility. With our leverage selling all brands of machines for all industries, we can determine the best machine for your application.

How does a hydraulic press brake work?  Press brakes are used in all industries for all types of products we use on a daily basis. The automotive, aerospace, agriculture, construction, military, consumer and electronics industries all use press brakes.  The list goes on and on. A hydraulic press brake can assemble, draw, punch, trim, stretch and form materials as well as compress.  Specifically, a hydraulic press brake bends sheet metal by lowering a punch onto sheet metal that has been positioned on top of a die.  Hydraulic press brakes have great control when inching down to set up for your bend, and can also return to the top when prompted. A hydraulic press brake applies pressure via hydraulics. The motor applies force onto the metal compressing it to form the required shape with great precision.

Cost of a hydraulic press brake can range for $10,000 to $5 million for a custom press brake.  Several factors determine the cost of a press brake.  It all depends on the age, the press type, and what the press is capable of.  Specifically, what tonnage do you need?  Many press brakes are limited by size and tonnage capacity. Tonnage speed, accuracy and programmability are all integral factors to be considered determining the type of press you need.

New and Used Hydraulic and CNC Press Brakes in Stock.  We specialize in Cincinnati, Amada, Us Industrial, Baileigh, Durma, Pacific, GMC, Wysong, Betenbender, Pacific and more.

Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication is a leader in the industry with a surplus, of pressbrakes both new and used.  We buy and sell surplus machinery and equipment since 1954.  We carry several press brakes in a wide range of sizes to meet your needs. 
If you are looking to Buy, Sell or Trade a New or used Hydraulic CNC press brake or manual box and pan brake please call now so the experts can help you find the right press brake for your fabrication needs. (626) 444-0311.


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    35 Ton x 6' Used Piranha CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (2 Axis CNC Controller), Mdl. 3506, ISB Merlin Light Curtains, Electrical Foot Pedal, Automec 2000, 2 Axis CNC Back Gauge, Piranha Generation 2 Pedestal Control System, Note: This Machine Needs Work. Only Has One Speed Ram., Year (2007) #A6479 *SPECIAL PRICE! AS-IS, NO WARRANTY*

    Used-PIRANHA-Used Piranha CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (2 Axis CNC Controller)-3506-A6479-01
    Stock No: #A6479 Manufacturer: PIRANHA Model: 3506 Capacity: 35 Ton x 6'
    Category: Brake Press, Hydraulic, CNC, Press Brake, Cnc, Hydraulic & Mechanical
    Condition: Used

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