Is the safest, and most expensive. They are generally slower and have more of a precise bend. Hydraulic Press Brakes have a better control when inching down and setting up for your bend, they also can return to the top at any time. Hydra-Mechanical Press Brakes Rotary hydraulic cylinder turns the eccentric shaft by means of rigid mechanical linkage to both ends of the ram, distributing power equally over its full length. This basic power principle offers the operational control and safety of the hydraulic principle plus the rigid ram alignment, accuracy and operating speeds of the mechanical press brakes. With a Hydra-Mechanical press brake design the operator is in full command of the job. He can meter out just the right amount of fluid to move the ram the exact distance needed. With a Hydra-mechanical press brake you can easily inch the ram down for scribed line work, and easily locate the stroke bottom for setting up. This gives more accuracy, less operating time, and less training is needed. The Hydra-mechanical advantage allows you to instantly stop or start anywhere in the cycle, and allow reversal of stroke direction at any position. Different from a mechanical press brake that can only return the ram to the top after the cycle is complete.


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    35 Ton x 6' Used Piranha CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (2 Axis CNC Controller), Mdl. 3506, ISB Merlin Light Curtains, Electrical Foot Pedal, Automec 2000, 2 Axis CNC Back Gauge, Piranha Generation 2 Pedestal Control System, Note: This Machine Needs Work. Only Has One Speed Ram., Year (2007) #A6479 *SPECIAL PRICE! AS-IS, NO WARRANTY*

    Used Piranha CNC Hydraulic Press Brake (2 Axis CNC Controller)

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    307.65 Per Mo.*
    Stock No: #A6479 Manufacturer: PIRANHA Model: 3506 Capacity: 35 Ton x 6'
    Category: Brake Press, Hydraulic, CNC, Press Brake, Cnc, Hydraulic & Mechanical
    Condition: Used

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