Cincinnati Press Brakes manufactured in Cincinnati Ohio, are the #1 choice for metal bending. The endurance of the Cincinnati press brake is legendary. The first press brake was patented in 1882.  It evolved into highly advanced machines powered by hydraulics and computer technology. With over 120 years in the industry Cincinnati press brakes offer extra ordinary durability, stability and essential features.  Press brakes are hydraulic, mechanical and electrical. Press brakes are used by crushing and pounding.  They work by using a punch and die set at predetermined angles to bend or cut metal into a variety of shapes and forms.   Press brakes can be used to both shear and bend.  Bottom ending can be done with aluminum using the H series CNC press brake.  It has a ram repeatability which reduces time when making parts.  How do you know what type of press brake you need?   There are 3 types of press brakes, bending brakes, air, bottom and coining.  The higher the tonnage, the thicker the materials can be bent.

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    40 Ton x 40" Brand New Cincinnati Electric High Accuracy CNC Press Brake "Ideal for Small Parts", Mdl. GOFORM40, 6XGX (6 Axis) Backgauge, Off-Line Graphic 2D DXF file graphic programming software, Electric Powered, Ergonomic, Air & Bottom Bend, Electric Foot Pedal, Standard 10" Stroke, No Anchoring Required, #SMGOFORM40

    Brand New Cincinnati Electric High Accuracy CNC Press Brake "Ideal for Small Parts"
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    Stock No: #SMGOFORM40 Manufacturer: Cincinnati, Inc Model: GOFORM40 Capacity: 40 Ton x 40"
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    Brand New Cincinnati Electric High Accuracy CNC Press Brake Brand New Cincinnati Electric High Accuracy CNC Press Brake

Cincinnati Incorporated, the company behind the brand, has been producing PRESS Brakes, Shears, and Lasers for over a century.  Cincinnati is the most respected name in the industry. Their machines are known for their reliability, durability, and precision, making them popular choices for metalworking shops of all sizes.  Sterling Machinery Exchange and Fabrication is an authorized seller of Cincinnati machines.

For metal bending applications the Cincinnati press brake is widely used by professionals in the industry. Cincinnati Press Brakes are available in a range of sizes and capacities to accommodate a variety of metal bending needs.  It’s a brand of hydraulic press brakes used for metal bending applications. Cincinnati press brakes have an advanced control system allowing for precise and repeatable bending.  The hydraulics in the Cincinnati press brakes provides consistent power and speed throughout the bending process. 


Cincinnati Shears are designed to cut a wide range of materials, including sheet metal, plate and other types of metal.  The Cincinnati shear comes in various sizes and capacities for different cutting needs.  Their control systems provide accurate and repeatable cuts due to the advanced hydraulic system. The Cincinnati shear makes clean precise cuts even on thicker materials.  The Cincinnati Shear is definitely a reliable choice for metal cutting applications. Talk to the experts at Sterling Machinery and Fabrication for advice on the best shear for your metal working.

Sterling Machinery also offers the Cincinnati range of laser cutting machines to suit different cutting needs and budgets. The Cincinnati Lasers is a trusted brand of laser cutting machines designed and manufactured by Cincinnati Incorporated. If you’re looking to accomplish intricate and complex shapes with clean and precise edges the Cincinnati Laser is what you need.  It’s used for a wide range of applications, including aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing.

Cincinnati Lasers also feature powerful and reliable laser sources that provide consistent cutting performance over time. The fiber lasers, in particular, are known for their high-speed cutting capabilities and low maintenance requirements, making them a popular choice for many metalworking shops.

Overall, if you need metal working equipment the Cincinnati brand is the brand you should consider. Our showroom floor offers Press Brakes, Shears, and Lasers.  Here at Sterling machinery Fabrication and exchange our knowledge is the key to the best machine for you.  Call NOW  (626) 444-0311

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