6 Tips To Choosing A Metal Cutting Coldsaw. How To Choose The Best Coldsaw for Metalworking?

6 Tips To Choosing A Metal Cutting Coldsaw. How Do I Choose The Best Coldsaw for Metalworking?

1. The best saw to cut metal quickly is a circular cold saw by Scotchman Inc. 

A coldsaw is a quick efficient way to cut most metal materials such as Copper, brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminum, ferrous and non ferrous materials.

2. Can I use a coldsaw to cut through steel, aluminum, and other metals?

Scotchman CPO350LT Coldsaw
Scootchman CPO350LT

Two Types of Metals I can Cut with Coldsaws:

Coldsaws for cutting Ferrous metals-  Contain Iron and may include Steel, Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel, Cast Iron, and Wrought Iron.

Coldsaws for cutting Non Ferrous Metals-  DOES NOT CONTAIN IRON- Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Tin

3. It’s important to use the correct blade size so that you don’t ruin your blade or create an uneven cut.

Most saws range from 10″-12″ Coldsaw blades and 14″ Coldsaws are the most popular size.  If you intend to miter cut meaning cutting on angles 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees and 90 degrees usually have a quick lock to set and cut with precision.  When cutting with a coldsaw on a miter you need to remember that your blade will need to be larger to clear bigger materials at the angle.

Depending on what materials you are cutting, how quickly and even the coolant you are using will make your cuts quick and clean.  Whether it be a solid bar, square tube, pipe.

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4. When you’re ready to purchase a new circular saw, make sure it has plenty of power and speed options.

Most Coldsaws whether manual or automatic come in two speed ranges.  These saws have a two speed motor and that only allows for high and low speeds.  Depending on what you are cutting you may need a variable speed coldsaw or even a saw with much higher ranges to allow for NON Ferrous Cutting.

Scotchman Non Ferrous CPO350NF

5. Make sure you have the right safety gear before using any kind of tool – goggles are just as important as gloves!

Coldsaws are one of the more safe saws to operate.  Unlike a abrasive chopsaw, coldsaws do not create any heat when cutting metal.  This allows for a burr free cut and no heating of the materials.

6. There are many different brands on the market these days, but Scotchman seems like one of the more reliable companies.  Scotchman has been making coldsaws in the USA for decades.

The Scotchman CPO350LT  and CPO350HT series have been the most popular machines on the market for many years.  They make quick work of just about any Ferrous materials.  You can also cut Non Ferrous metals with different blade options.  You need to buy the right coldsaw for the job.  If you are cutting both steel and Brass, and you need to do it often you may want to purchase a saw for both to speed up productivity.


Video of CPO350LT Scotchman Coldsaw.  Manual Style. MOST POPULAR COLDSAW

Video of Fully Automatic Scotchman Coldsaw–  You can see it feed the material, clamp the metal and cut.  Then it will unclamp, the head will raise and the cycle will repeat.

Video Of NON FERROUS COLDSAW from Scotchman

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