Last Updated :Tue, Sep 26, 2017

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1-1/4'' Used Pines Vertical Tube Bender With NEW UPGRADED CONTROL, Mdl. #5T-M34504, New Paint Job!, Brand New Control-a-Bend Model CAB-2-VERTICAL Controller, Painted, Cycled and Guaranteed, #A2154

Used Pines Vertical Tube Bender With NEW UPGRADED CONTROL

Stock No: #A2154
Manufacturer: Pines
Model: #5T-M34504
Capacity: 1-1/4''
Serial Number: 44362 84021
Condition: Used Machinery

Availability: In stock

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Round Tubing, Non Ferrous1-1/4" (2) @ 1" x 0.072"
Round Tubing, Mild Steel1-1/4" (2) @ 1" x 0.065"
Round Tubing, Stainless Steel1-1/4" (2) @ 1" x 0.049"
Square Tube, Mild Steel1" (2) @ 7/8" x 0.035"
Round Bar, Mild Steel3/4" (2) @ 7/8" x 0.035"
Square Bar, Mild Steel9/16" (2) @ 1/2"
Production Capacity2,000 Bends/Hour
Bending Force5 Tons
Maximum Bending Angle100 Degrees
Minimum Center Line Radius2-3 Times Tube Diameter
Operating Pressure2,000 PSI
Oil Reservoir Capacity50 Gallons
Dimensions (L x W x H)85" x 26" x 60"
Weight3,200 Lbs.
New Paint Job!
Brand New Control-a-Bend Model CAB-2-VERTICAL Controller
Painted, Cycled and Guaranteed

Additional information:

Info on New Controller:

Model CAB-2-VERTICAL is for the PINES 3T, 5T, 14T, and other vertical benders.
Control-A-Bend™ provides programmable bend angles, eliminating the 'trial & error' method of bend angle adjustment. Your operators will no longer waste time and material using the manual, bend angle turret stops. Increase your profits with quicker setups, increased production, and reduced scrap. 


  • Programmable bend angles
  • Auto springback calculator
  • Programmable to .1 degree
  • Stores 1000 part numbers
  • Production counter
  • Plain English menus
  • Displays ram position 'on the fly'
  • Heavy duty sealed encoder
  • Quick disconnect plug
  • Manual & Automatic modes
  • Programmable deceleration
  • Proportional valve options
  • Rugged, Reliable, and Easy to use
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