Last Updated :Thu, Apr 19, 2018

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Sterling Machinery is the Internet’s No. 1 Resource for Used Metal Saw, Shears, Grinders, Milling Machine and Lathes for Sale. Get in touch with or Click Today for The Very best Price on the Best Equipment.

Whether your organization needs to find used machinery or is ready to sell products no longer in use, you want a facilitator that is familiar with the business inside and out. After all, press brake, milling machines and other connected projects are big-ticket items companies count on to perform. You need a sales outlet that understands these machines, their intricacies and how important they are to your operation.

At Sterling Machinery, we have been the organization you’re looking for. As the online source for the very best in used machinery, milling machines, grinders you can count on us to provide you with expertise, professionalism and quality of service. Our firm is backed by individuals with more than 40 years of experience in buying or selling used machinery. From models to Mazak equipment as well as other used CNC machine tools for sale, such as Boring Mills and Haas mills, we have the experience to help you whether you’re buying or selling.

We stock all kinds of used CNC machine tools while focusing on metal cutting machinery.

Used Lathe For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

These vital machines are used for turning metal parts. Our used CNC lathes pages have a wide range of used CNC machines and sizes. Our equipment experts can help direct your preferences to the highest value used CNC lathes available. This cuts your investment cost and increases your CNC lathe turning needs into bigger profit margins.

Used Milling Machines For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

A CNC milling machine is used for CNC milling parts in a vertical design. On this page, you’ll find a wide range of used CNC machines available. Vertical milling machines will be the most common among today’s  milling machine tools.                

Used Horizontal Mills For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

These machines offer product with pallet automation for greater ease. Our product line includes a comprehensive range of horizontal machine center machines. Our side to side boring mill section offers large capacity milling machines. The machines in this category are designed to increase production and help companies keep their output high.

Used Shears For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

To help you our buying customers acquire the best used CNC machines for their money, we offer  the best in used shears in Louisville, KY.  It is simply our aim to provide the best in service to buyers and sellers alike.

Our used CNC line includes a variety of today’s most trusted names, such as Mazak, Toyoda, Starr Swiss, Fadal, Haas, DMG and Daewoo. If you don’t see what you’re searching for, just let us know. We can find the used CNC machines you need.

Used Press Brakes For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

While looking for a used Press Brake, or Brake Press, you need to know what type of press you are looking for. Press brakes come in all sizes and with a number of options. There are many popular brands such as Cincinnati, Niagara, Chicago, Wysong, Amada simply to name a few.

We are the leading source for press brake and brake press in Louisville, KY.

Used Grinder For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

A grinding machine is a machine tool used for producing very fine finishes or making very light cuts, using an abrasive wheel as the cutting device. This wheel can be made up of various sizes and types of stones, diamonds or of inorganic materials. There are many types of grinders, all set up for different applications.

We Buy & Sell all types of Grinding Machines in Louisville, KY such as:

  • Surface Grinders- Brown & Sharpe, Kent, Okamoto, DoAll
  • Tool & Cutter Grinders- Cincinnati, K.O. Lee, DoAll
  • Disc Grinders - Apex
  • Die Grinders- Amada
  • Vertical Rotary Grinders- Blanchards
  • Drill Grinder- Giddings & Lewis
  • Belt Grinders- Timesaver, AEM, Ramco
  • Single Lip Grinder- Deckels

Used Metal Saws For Sale available for shipment to Louisville, KY:

When you find yourself looking for a used saw in Louisville, KY you have come to the right place. We have new and used saws for sale in Louisville, KY.

The machines listed here are for currently advertised used machine tools or equipment matched against the Saws type. The machine model, detailed machine description and technical machine attributes are listed. Users can filter by Machine Control and can also filter the Saws for sale by selecting a machine category sub type, these include: Saws, Powered Hacksaws, Saws, Circular, Non-Ferrous, Saws, Circular, Saws, Band, Vertical, Saws, Band, Horizontal.